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Openings: Mike Davis & Heidi Taillefer @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last Saturday, the Joshua Liner Gallery hosted the opening of shows by two talented painters, Mike Davis and Heidi Taillefer. Although the two are seemingly very different, the pairing of Davis and Taillefer begins to make perfect sense once one sees the work together. Both artists work in oil, are very technically proficient and could be labeled “pop-surrealists.”  But beyond that, both incorporate their surrealist imagery within more classical styles of painting. Davis is obviously highly influenced by the Dutch Masters, so much so that […]

Preview: Heidi Taillefer & Mike Davis @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Here’s a little preview of two artists which have shows opening at Joshua Liner Gallery next weekend. Both their artistic styles look to stretch the imagination of the viewers and challenge their intellects. Heidi Taillefer’s (above) bizarre yet fantastic paintings throw our senses into a strange world where the nature and science seamlessly integrate. On the other hand, Mike Davis (below) has works that makes us ponder the numerous themes and symbolism that are represented through the subjects and objects that are showcased in his […]