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Teaser: Heisuke Kitazawa – “While You Were Away” @ Giant Robot 2

One of the rare digital artists we cover here on AM, Heisuke Kitazawa or PCP will be opening a show at the end of the month at Giant Robot 2. You may remember when we featured his murals in the LA Little Tokyo a couple years back, but for those who aren’t familiar with his work, the Tokyo-based artist is known for his dream-like psychadelic landscapes. Go see While You Were Away starting July 30th with the new body of work described as “about loneliness […]

PCP Murals @ Weller Court (Little Tokyo, LA)

We stopped by Weller Court in Little Tokyo (LA) last month at the beginning of a road trip and were surprised to see work from digital artist Heisuke Kitazawa aka PCP blown up into giant murals.  Seeing his Japanese artist’s psychedelic-style and dream-like work in large scale was really an unexpected treat.  Stop by if you have a chance, hopefully it will still be up. More pics after the jump.