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Openings: Jeremy Fish – “Hunting Trophies” @ Mark Moore Gallery

Last night, Hunting Trophies opened at the Mark Moore Gallery, Jeremy Fish’s (featured) second solo with the Culver City space. Continue using custom shapes as his painting surface as well as elaborate frames with carvings, the pieces have a finished look about them and with the impeccable linework, appear almost produced in a factory. Along with wall graphics. the room that housed the paintings looked like a surreal hunting lodge. Check out more photos below… Photo credit: NOTCOT. Discuss this show here. Discuss Jeremy Fish here.

Benefits: Waves For Water Auction

The Chandran Gallery, Univ, and Juxtapoz recently got together to put on an auction to benefit Waves For Water, “an organization on the ground in the Philippines, mobilizing an urgent clean water disaster relief initiative in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan.” Artists including CR Stecyk III, Geoff McFetridge, Richard Colman, Jeremy Fish (seen above), Lucy McLauchlan, Tim Biskup, Cleon Peterson, Monica Canilao, Andrew Schoultz, Swampy, Tahiti Pehrson, Ty Williams, Jason Jägel, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Michael Torquato deNicola, Jared Swilley of the Black Lips, and […]

Upcoming: Jeremy Fish – “Hunting Trophies” @ Mark Moore Gallery

On April 5th, the Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles will be presenting new works from Jeremy Fish (featured). Hunting Trophies will mark the return of the Bay Area-based artist at the space (see 2011) and will feature an immersive installation (part of which can be seen above) as well as new paintings that often include three-dimensional elements. For this show, Fish will be questioning our perception of value in our society with pieces that could fit on a cabin wall like a trophy piece, with imagery dealing with […]

Valentine’s Day Wishes From Instagram

If you are like us here at AM, you will already have seen many Valentine’s Day wishes and imagery posted from artists like the piece above from Dan Quintana. We hope you enjoy this special day with your loved one and we would also like to wish you happy V-day by sharing a small selection of these images with you. You may also want to take this chance to show your love back to your favorite artists by following them on Instagram (click on links […]

Openings: Jeremy Fish – “Where Hearts Get Left” @ Fifty24SF

In San Francisco, no other local artist draws a crowd quite like Jeremy Fish. Last Saturday marked the opening of his latest ambitious exhibition, Where Hearts Get Left (previewed) where thousands of fans lined up around the block just to catch a glimpse of the art and meet the artist. The show consisted of a series of ink drawings, sculptures, paintings and an installation involving a temporary wall, with San Francisco being the central theme to express his love the city he lives in. To […]

Preview: Jeremy Fish – “Where Hearts Get Left” @ Fifty24SF

This Saturday, July 14th sees the opening of Jeremy Fish’s (featured) solo show at Fifty24SF. Entitled Where Hearts Get Left, the new body of work to be presented is a testament to the the Bay Area-based artist’s love for San Francisco. As such, the imagery presented is thematically tied into local references including Native American legends, food spots, tourist attractions, historical details, and more all rendered beautifully in his signature style including his use of sculptural motifs. Via Fecal Face. Discuss this show here. Discuss […]

Upcoming: Jeremy Fish – “Where Hearts Get Left” @ Fifty24SF

The last time we saw Jeremy Fish (featured) it was in Los Angeles for his show (covered) at the Mark Moore Gallery at the end of 2011. Since then, he has been hard at work getting ready for his solo in his adopted city of San Francisco at Fifty24SF entitled Where Hearts Get Left set to open on July 14th. He describes it as a “visual love letter” with new artwork and a book project inspired by “The City That Knows How,” an old nickname for San […]

Jeremy Fish Custom iPad Giveaway

To kick off the launch of his Listen and Learn app, Jeremy Fish (featured) has illustrated (in black Sharpie) on the back of a brand new iPad 2, which is being given away on Upper Playground’s Facebook Page. To enter the contest, simply include your email address in the contest link on the lower left side of the page. One winner at random will the customized iPad 2. Today is the last day to enter. Discuss Jeremy Fish here.

Openings: Jeremy Fish – “Rise of the Underground” @ Mark Moore

Over the weekend, AM stopped by Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles to take a look at Jeremy Fish (featured) part in Rise of the Underground. Exhibiting alongside Kenichi Yokono, the standout pieces from the bearded one were his exquisite and imaginative woodcuts, an extension of the work we saw in NY in July. Enjoy more photos taken for us from ©Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Preview: Jeremy Fish & Kenichi Yokono – “Rise of the Underground” @ Mark Moore

At the end of the month in Los Angeles, the Mark Moore Gallery will play host to two artists whose work at first glance have nothing much in common, but when you consider their use of woodworking and the surreal imagery, you begin to see the reason for the pairing. For Rise of the Underground, Jeremy Fish (featured) will be presenting his perfectly cut silhouette paintings featuring his animal characters using some unique modes of transportation (sometimes being the transportation themselves). Showing jointly alongside Fish […]