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Video: Dennis Hopper on Art

In this short from 2007, Dennis Hopper shares his passion for art collecting and gives a guided tour of his personal collection.   Hopper, who befriended many of contemporary art’s greats starting in the 1950’s, has an impressive collection of both paintings and anecdotes featuring such luminaries as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.  Enjoy!

Showing: Keith Haring @ Woodward Gallery

The Woodward Gallery opened a show featuring some famed New York street artist Keith Haring’s work last weekend.  The exhibition focuses on some of Haring’s earlier works and includes subway drawings, studio interiors and other never-before-exhibited works. Photo set after the jump…

Streets: D*Face in Pisa

We love the way that UK artist D*Face combines a healthy mix of pop art with street art, and these pictures of some of his latest outdoor work are no exception. D*Face was recently invited out to Italy by Rate Civic Pisano – Pisa Town Council – to paint a mural dedicated to Keith Haring, who was commissioned by the town to paint his rare “permanent” mural “Tuttomondo” in the city exactly 20 years ago. Read on for further details after the jump…

Streets: Os Gemeos Mural Replaces Keith Haring Tribute in NYC

People that have visited New York in the last year may remember seeing the Keith Haring day-glo mural recreated on the corner of Houston and Bowery in honor of the artist’s 50th birthday. Earlier this week, word circulated that the mural had been whited-out. But what was at first sad news has turned out to be good news. Guess which pair of street art twins (hint: They’re from Brazil) have stepped up and are already working this iconic spot? None other than Os Gemeos! Fresh […]

Opening: The Piece Process @ Anonymous

A spirited crowd came out last night for the opening of “The Piece Process” at Anonymous Gallery on New York’s Lower East Side. The concept: connect pop/urban/graffiti/street artists from the last fifty years through an exhibition of their sketches, studies and preliminary works. Although some of the pieces seemed to represent the idea of process better than others, the collection of names represented was nothing short of impressive: from Ray Johnson, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat to Aiko, Judith Supine and the Clayton Brothers. Our […]