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Showing: Josh Keyes – “Collision” @ David B. Smith Gallery

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of the Josh Keyes fans who don’t live in Colorado (like us), seeing the new body of work entitled “Collision” in person will not be possible (unless you bought one). However, we are lucky that there are some exhibition photos of the beautiful pieces in situ at the David B. Smith Gallery through December 11th. The ten paintings in this show were conceived and based on a complex 16th century mythology (explained in detail in our recent interview with Josh) […]

Releases – Josh Keyes – “Sowers” Print

For those that loved the “Sowers” painting from our interview with Josh Keyes last week, you are in luck. Limited Addiction, the publishing arm of David B. Smith Gallery (where the “Collision” show will open on this Friday night), will be releasing this epic image as Josh’s next print. The good news is that more of you will be able to add this beautiful giclee to your collections as the run will be larger than most of his releases before in a signed, numbered, and […]

Interview: Josh Keyes – “Collision” @ David B. Smith Gallery

The autumn art season has gone into full swing, and one of AM’s most eagerly anticipated exhibitions of 2010 is now just around the corner. Josh Keyes’ “Collision” opens at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver on November 5th. Fill in your diaries, book your flights and do whatever you can to catch this show. We’ve brought you some teaser shots in the run up to this exhibition, including a glimpse at this piece above entitled “Sowers” partially unveiled in Josh’s studio. “Sowers” is Josh’s […]

Another Update: Josh Keyes – “Collision” @ David B. Smith Gallery

We couldn’t resist posting another teaser pic that is possibly (there’s a good chance it’s a commission piece also due to its size) for Josh Keyes‘ (interviewed) upcoming show at David B. Smith Gallery. This monster piece (perhaps 120″ x 40″?) looks to be an further exploration of the “Sowing” concept that we first saw in his Swarm Gallery show last year. We can’t wait to see the completed piece when the show “Collision” opens in November. Discuss Josh Keyes here.

Update: Josh Keyes

As November draws nearer, Josh Keyes (interviewed) fans must be beginning to get impatient for an update on his newest body of work – “Collison”. Fortunately, we have just the thing to satisfy their cravings – a new image featuring the return of hyenas! David B. Smith Gallery will be the place to be in November when the new body of work is revealed but for now, take a look at some tantalizing teaser images we have gathered for you after the jump…