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Update: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

Remember how there was a fourth painting yet to be revealed at the time Josh Keyes‘ (interviewed) show opened at Swarm Gallery (covered). Well, here it is – “Drifting.” Now, we all have to wait until probably January before we can get our next Keyes fix when he opens his show at Jonathan Levine entitled “Kaleidoscope.” Discuss this show here. Discuss Josh Keyes here.

Openings & Interviews: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

Last night, AM visited Swarm Gallery in Oakland to catch up with our buddy Josh Keyes and to check out “Natural Selection” featuring Josh and Vaughn Bell. Josh, who just moved up to Portland, has been incredibly busy with the move and flew back to the Bay Area for just a few hours to attend the opening. Luckily, we were able to catch him before the show opened and he gave us a nice tour of his three pieces (the fourth is almost done) and […]

Preview: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

We found a couple more images from Josh Keyes‘ upcoming show to share with you since our first teaser article. Opening along with Vaughn Bell in a show entitled “Natural Selection” at the Swarm Gallery this Friday (Aug 7th), Josh should only have four pieces.  Keyes’ fans will treat this as an appetizer to his big show at  Jonathan Levine coming up in Dec/Jan in New York. More images after the jump.

Teaser: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

Josh Keyes is gearing up for a small show at the Swarm Gallery in Oakland opening in August. He will be exhibiting alongside Seattle-based artist Vaughn Bell in a show entitled “Natural Selection.” The exhibition explores ways we interact with nature, and comprises new paintings and site-specific installation. Seen above is one of the fantastic paintings Keyes has created for this show called “Evacuation I.” As always, expect full coverage from the AM crew, but for now, take a closer look at the detail in […]