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Openings: Dave Kinsey – “New Works” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

On Thursday night, AM attended the much anticipated opening of Dave Kinsey’s solo exhibition at Joshua Liner Gallery. This being the largest body of works which Dave has created to date, it encompassed both rooms of JLG’s Chelsea gallery space – space well spent as Kinsey’s latest batch of artistic goodness entranced the audience with his signature style, mix of colors, textures and striking compositions. Aside from the consistent quality we have come to expect in this body of work which we previewed in our […]

Studio Visits / Preview: Dave Kinsey – “New Works” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. That’s exactly what Dave Kinsey did for his upcoming show at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery by moving up to Central California’s Three Rivers and focusing his energy into this fresh body of work. The head of Blk/Mrkt took his game to nature’s back yard, retreating from his urban studio in Los Angeles and from what we see, it’s given this new collection of paintings a whole new dimension. AM brings you an inside look into Mr. Kinsey’s […]

Teaser: Dave Kinsey – “New Works” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Dave Kinsey will be making his return to New York City next month with a new body of works at the Joshua Liner Gallery. It’s one that we’ve been looking forward to as his style has evolved into something that’s even more hypnotic and symbolic than we’ve been used to. The show opens September 9th (6-9pm) with Dave and a few special friends in attendance. (Note the new time as Joshua Liner Gallery will now be holding their openings on Thursday nights.) We’ll have more […]