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Openings: “Tiny Trifecta” @ Cotton Candy Machine

This past weekend, New York’s Cotton Candy Machine hosted their second annual “tiny” art showcase entitled Tiny Trifecta. As we mentioned in our preview, artists this year upped the ante as each created three pieces of original artwork for fans who may not have the opportunity to purchase their larger scale works. All you needed was a $100 and the patience to queue up for a chance at your favorite artwork. Tara McPherson curated strong and diverse lineup which included names such as James Jean, Audrey […]

Openings: Greg Simkins – “Cloud Theory” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

On Saturday night, fans of Greg Simkins (Craola) (featured) were treated to a showing of his first major body of work since his exhibition last year in Canada (covered). Presenting a collection of paintings at Merry Karnowsky that were complex, imaginative, and beautifully rendered, the LA-based artist made sure Cloud Theory was well worth the wait. Rounding out the show were a series of drawings as well as a special collaboration with scuptor Kevin Pasko on one of Simkin’s signature characters – the White Knight. More […]

Update: Greg “Craola” Simkins – “Cloud Theory” @ Merry Karnowsky

With only 10 days remaining before the opening of Cloud Theory at the Merry Karnowsky, Greg Simkins (featured) is heading down the home stretch on what appears to be a stellar new body of work. The show will his first solo with the gallery and features much of surrealistic fan favorite imagery that has made his career including the tentacles, white knight references, his namesake, pedestals, his bizarre creatures, and more. Some of the paintings look to be in an impressive scale as well. More […]

Teaser: Greg Simkins @ Merry Karnowsky

Coming up in April, the Merry Karnowsky Gallery will be hosting a solo exhibition from Greg Simkins (featured). The last time we saw a large body of work from the LA-based artist, it was all the way up in Canada (covered). For now, here is a peek in-studio of what he’s working on for his home-city fans, but we’ll have more for you as the show draws closer. Discuss Greg Simkins here.

Preview: Tim Doyle – “UnReal Estate” @ Spoke Art

Tomorrow night (February 2nd) at Spoke Art, Texas-based artist Tim Doyle will be bringing his wares to San Francisco for his first solo show entitled Unreal Estate. Featuring a collection of locations that many of us recognize from our times in front of the loving glow of our television, from the Kwik-E-Mart to the Bluth Banana Stand, Doyle gives us a fresh look at these places we will never visit yet are intimately connected to. As an added bonus, the artist will be in attendance […]

Greg Simkins & Deph Custom Surfboards – US Open of Surfing Pac Sun Booth

If you happen to be in Orange County for the US Open of Surfing which started yesterday, make sure you make it over to the Pac Sun booth as they will have some custom surfboards on display as well as live painting sessions all week. Angry Woebots sparked it off yesterday with a nice canvas and Greg “Craola” Simkins (featured) will cap it off next Saturday. Take a look at the full list of events here as well as some in progress photos of Simkins […]

Preview: “Zero to Sixty” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Tomorrow night, July 1st, the Corey Helford Gallery will be celebrating their 5 year (60 months) anniversary in style with a giant group show. We already brought you a taste of what to expect a couple weeks ago, but here are more preview images from an all-star list of artists for you to enjoy. More after the jump…

3D Art Book Signing @ Opera Gallery

AM recently attended a special signing party for the 3D Art Book (previewed) hosted at the Opera Gallery in New York. Many of the contributors such as Tristan Eaton, Eric White, Haze, Esao Andrews, Tara McPherson, Erik Foss, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt and Tom Thewes were in attendance, signing and drawing for the droves of fans who came out to support their favorite artists. Fans were treated also to a mini pop-up exhibition as each artist’s work […]

Preview: Greg Simkins & Lola – “Escape With Me” @ Yves Laroche

As we turn our attention to June, one of the highlights for us will definitely be the pairing of Greg Simkins (featured) and Lola (featured) at Yves Laroche opening June 8th. Entitled Escape With Me, the show is just that, an escape into the imaginative worlds filled with Greg’s fantastical creatures and Lola’s pointy-toed denizens. Judging from this preview image Greg sent us (seen above), the show will include some of his most beloved imagery like tentacles, his white-knight (or related character painted blue and […]

Teaser: Greg Simkins – “Escape With Me” @ Yves Laroche

After successfully testing out his curatorial touch with the INLE show (covered) based on the main source of inspiration for his art – the novel Watership Down, Greg Simkins (featured) is starting to focus in on a new collection of paintings. This newest piece, entitled The Nature of Nurture, continues his recent exploration of aquatic life and makes us look forward to seeing what else he has in store for his Canadian fans when he opens up his joint show Escape With Me in June […]