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Streets / Recap: POW! WOW! Worcester

A couple weeks ago, POW! WOW! Worcester welcomed in artists from 8 different countries as well as locally from Massachusetts. In association with the event, there were gallery shows and other activities, but the main draw was the live painting (like in other POW! WOW! events around the world). Artists included this year were: Arlin (Brazil), Askew (New Zealand), Christina Angelina (California), Dan Witz (New York), Greg Mike (Georgia), Imagine (Nepal), Jason Eatherly – seen above (Texas), JALLEN (Massachusetts), Marka 27 (Mexico), Morgan Blair (Massachusetts), Rustam QBic (Russia), […]

Upcoming: Kevin Cyr – “Live Work Play” @ Alden Gallery

Heading back for another show after a year (see 2014), Kevin Cyr (interviewed) will be will be opening Live Work Play at Alden Gallery in Provincetown tomorrow night, August 21st. The new pieces continues his series of documenting neglected vehicles and then returning to his Portland, Maine studio to paint them in detail. Cyr will be showing alongside Robert Morgan and Raúl Gonzalez III through September 3rd. Discuss Kevin Cyr here.

Audrey Kawasaki, Andrew Hem, Mari Inukai Murals @ Worcester Museum (Part I)

With the Samurai! show (co-curated by Eric Nakamura, editor and founder of Giant Robot Magazine) at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts now open to the public, the artists invited to paint murals for the exhibition were able to start their efforts last week. One of the artists invited, Andrew Hem, has created large scale public art in the past, but the other two, Audrey Kawasaki and Mari Inukai were not as experienced with mural painting. Judging from these photos, the two ladies more than held their own. Photos credit: Worcester Museum. […]

Upcoming: Kevin Cyr @ Alden Gallery

On August 22nd, the Alden Gallery in Provincetown will be presenting some new works from Kevin Cyr (interviewed). The fresh oil on panel paintings will expand on his series of portraits of old trucks, cars, campers, and vans – the more covered with graffiti and neglected the better. The upstate New York-based artist likes nothing better than to travel the urban centers of the world photographing these modes of transport infused with personality and then home to immortalize them as art. Head over for a look […]

Showing: Travis Louie – “The Secret Pet Society” @ William Baczek Fine Arts

Currently showing at William Baczek Fine Arts through June 2nd is The Secret Pet Society from NY-based painter Travis Louie (interviewed). The new body of work for this Northampton, Massachusetts exhibition focuses in on people and their strange pets, an angle that Travis has explored before. Included are floating creatures, monsters, insects, huge frogs among other bizarre characters, and suffice it to say, some of the owners are not that normal themselves. All the pieces are beautifully executed in his distinctive “vintage-surreal” black and white style. […]

Preview: Travis Louie – “The Secret Pet Society” @ William Baczek Fine Arts

Following up on a showing in Seattle and Los Angeles last year, Travis Louie (interviewed) will continue exploring the idea of his Victorian friends and their unusual pets with a solo in Northampton, Massachusetts. The Secret Pet Society will open on May 2nd at William Baczek Fine Arts and will feature Travis’ distinctive and surreal way of painting his own interpretation of vintage photography. More preview images after the jump…