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Weekend Chelsea Art Walk, Part 2

Continuing on with our walking tour of Chelsea (see part 1 from yesterday here), we stopped at Metro Pictures on 24th Street to see “Midnight Madness,” the latest show by painter Gary Simmons. Simmons’ “erasure” style – he uses oil paint, pigment and cold wax to produce ghostly smeared images on textured backgrounds – works perfectly with his current theme: horror-movie houses and old theater marquees. His rendering of the Bates House from Hitchcock’s 1960 classic “Psycho” (pictured above) was particularly effective: huge and looming, […]

Showing: Olaf Breuning – “Small Brain Big Stomach” @ Metro Pictures

New York City’s Chelsea may be one of the centers – if not the center – of the art world, but more often than not, if you go there without knowing what you want to see, you’ll spend the day wandering in and out of galleries without seeing much of anything you really cared for. On rare occasions, however, you may just stumble on a show that really blows you away. Luckily, this latter scenario occurred over the weekend, when AM wandered into Metro Pictures […]