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Preview: Andrew Schoultz – “Unrest” @ Morgan Lehman

Since stealing the show during Art Los Angeles Contemporary (covered) back in February, Andrew Schoultz will look to parlay his success on the West Coast back East with a new solo exhibition in New York. Opening Thursday, May 19th at Morgan Lehman Gallery, Unrest will yet again underscore Schoultz’s proficiency with his craft and his penchant for multiple mediums. Much like his last solo, Meltdown (covered), a massive sculptural installation will provide the anchoring eye candy within the gallery. The San Francisco-based artist’s fantastical narrative, […]

Armory Week ’10: Pulse New York

Everyone knows the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” where a picky little girl chooses between different bowls of hot cereal etc. to find the one that suits her. Well, sometimes we feel kinda like Goldilocks at art fairs, where some feel too big and others too small. However, more often than not, during the weeks of Art Basel and Armory, Pulse is the one that fits just right, and this year was no exception. As far as size goes, Pulse got it right […]

Preview: Morgan Lehman Gallery @ Pulse NY 2010

Of course, during Armory Week, there are plenty of other fairs in addition to the main Armory show. One of AM’s perennial favorites is Pulse, which is dedicated to showing only contemporary artists, and thus always feels fresh and new. One booth we’re looking forward to seeing at Pulse this year is Morgan Lehman, who will be showing exciting young artists including Paul Wackers, Eric Beltz, Andrew Schoultz and Ryan Wallace. See preview images, after the jump.

Eric Beltz @ Morgan Lehman

We’re not sure how we missed this… but AM recommends checking out Eric Beltz’s solo show, The Good Land, at Chelsea’s Morgan Lehman Gallery. Beltz creates intricately detailed graphite works on paper filled with allegorical images from American history. The show runs until November 8.