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Videos: James Jean on “1-2-1 w/jeffstaple”

Ahead of his signing of his Rebus book at Jeff Staple’s Reed Space in New York, James Jean (featured) sat down for an intimate video interview session for this 12th installment of the 1-2-1 w/jeffstaple series. Jean touches on many topics including the beginnings of his career, his experiences with Fables, and an honest assessment on his work and the direction he would like to take it. Via Hypebeast. Discuss James Jean here.

Openings: TIN – “Internal Clock” @ Last Rites

Earlier this month, alongside Laurie Lipton, another solo entitled Internal Clock was put on display from painter Tin (interviewed) This second showing with the New York gallery featured his world of human and animal subjects whose bodies have been intermingled with machinery creating bionic hybrids, although it looks as though half of the paintings don’t touch on this theme. While maintaining the sensual pin-up influence from his first career as a pinup artist, Tin continues to further explore his imagination with these newest pastel renderings. […]

Openings: AJ Fosik – “Time Kills All Gods” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Opening along side Josh Keyes at Jonathan Levine was sculptural artist AJ Fosik. The show entitled Time Kills All Gods is a tour de force as AJ brings the hammer with this latest endeavor. We’ve long been impressed at his creative wood and metal workings that depict unique animals, but this time he ups the ante with a serious boost of imaginative mythical creatures while tackling the ideas of religion and the worship of false idols. More photos after the jump…

Preview: “13th Hour” @ Last Rites

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it there is sure to be much art-related news. We’ll start things off with the annual 13th Hour group exhibition at Last Rites Gallery. Their roster of artists are well suited to use holiday as their muse because the New York gallery supports purveyors of dark surrealism with shows all year round. This 4th rendition of the show opens on October 28th and will feature a lineup of Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Colin Christian, […]

Openings: Ryan McLennan – “Abominations” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Opening last week alongside Chloe Early at Joshua Liner Gallery was Brooklyn-based painter Ryan McLennan. With his new body of work, Abominations (previewed), McLennan takes a look at the animal kingdom through his unique eyes and creates instances that often reflect and draw parallels to human situations. We liked the raw emotions coming out of his animal friends and the also the interesting use of black backgrounds as opposed to the white that we are used to seeing from him. This show runs until November 19th […]

Streets: Faile Mural on Bowery & Houston (Part I)

Guess who’s next up to bat for the infamous NYC wall located at the corner of Houston & Bowery? The boys that form the Brooklyn collective known as Faile (featured) took their swing and made their home city proud with this new mural seen above. Following in the footsteps of urban heavyweights such as Kenny Scharf, Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Keith Haring and most recently JR, the Patrick’s took this challenge head on. AM was invited to catch them hard at work creating the unique composition that features vintage […]

Openings: Chloe Early – “Feathers and Wax” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last week, AM attended the opening for Chloe Early’s first New York solo exhibition. Feathers and Wax was held at a packed Joshua Liner Gallery and as previewed, this latest series of paintings impressed fans in attendance with a unique mix of dreamy colors & serene figures contrasted by some harsh and aggressive objects such as bullets & bombs. We were also impressed by the diverse mediums Chloe choose to paint on such as metal and linen. This great show is up until November 19th, so […]

Openings: Martin Wittfooth – “The Passions” @ Lyons Wier Gallery

A couple weeks ago, Martin Wittfooth premiered his powerful new collection of paintings at the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York. As he mentioned in his insightful interview with us leading up to the show, The Passions is an exploration of the destructive nature of blind faith, specifically the ideas of martyrdom and sainthood along with the violence, self sacrifice, and suffering frequently associated with these concepts. When realized in Martin’s typically style, surrogate creatures are substituted to make his points with the resulting pieces […]

Openings: TrustoCorp – “Life Cycle” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

Trading in their guerrilla tactics for gallery motifs, TrustoCorp (featured) took to the posh Opera Gallery over the weekend for their third solo exhibition since inception three years ago. Spawned in the wake of a crashing economic system and a Congress rotten to the core, the increasingly ubiquitous and always creative street art collective stormed the SoHo space, transforming it into equal parts bizarro Chucky Cheese and political strategy room gone awry. Building upon their breakout New York solo exhibition last year, Life Cycle (previewed) […]

Openings: Laurie Lipton – “Carnival Of Death” @ Last Rites

Earlier this month, the Last Rites Gallery in New York continued their patronage of the dark arts with a solo exhibition from Laurie Lipton. In an interview with us leading up the show, the LA-based painter told us that Carnival of Death was inspired by the Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico as well as her experience with her mother’s death. Laurie’s description of her new body of work certainly rang true as we admired the detailed and intricate graphite pieces at the show […]