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Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC Wrap-Up

Wrapping up our coverage of a phenomenal collaboration, AM got to spend some time with Os Gemeos & Futura on their day off after the completion of this impressive mural. The seven story mural consisted of the twins working on the “britches” and Futura utilizing his “point-men” to create the crazy shirt (all in conjunction with AKANYC and 12ozProphet with support from Nike and Montana Colors). It’s nothing short of amazing that his project took less than a week to complete. Everyone was finally able […]

Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC (Part 4)

As we continue to witness this mural collaboration go up in front of our eyes between Os Gemeos and Futura, we are just amazed by the detailed work put in by the street legends. Here we see some simultaneous tag team work as the twins put in some finishing touches and as Futura continues working in his signature pointman motif. More pics after the jump…

Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC (Part 3)

As we continue to monitor the progress of the Os Gemeos x Futura mural on 320 West 21st Street in New York, we have received a new set of pics from AM photographer, Joe Russo. As you can see, the twins are almost done with their part of the mural, namely the figurative portions and the “flag pants.”  Soon, Futura will be starting in on the shirt and his portion of the mural. More pics after the jump and stay tuned…

Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC (Part 2)

After posting the mural project between Os Gemeos & Futura, we thought it wouldn’t be right to be in NYC and not stop by for an onsite AM look behind this project. The twins (Octavio & Gustavo) took an early crack at the legal mural space which is actually a Chelsea public school (P.S. 11) and is made possible by support from Nike, Montana Colors, and Allen Benedikt of 12oz Prophet & AKANYC. The ginormous figure measures over seven stories tall and from what you […]

Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC (Part 1)

A pretty epic collaboration piece is going down right now in NYC. After attending the opening of the PRISM group show, then hitting up Yosemite with Barry McGee, the twins have now started a huge mural with Futura in Chelsea. Os Gemeos is definitely on a roll after working with another legend, Blu, in Lisbon just a little while ago in May. Now, New York will have not one but two murals from the Brazilian duo.