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Openings: Saber – “The Ugly American” @ The Outsiders (London)

After Newcastle, LA-based graffiti artist SABER (interviewed) launched the second installment of his first European solo show The Ugly American at The Outsiders in London. Suffering from epilepsy and being denied healthcare, the politically engaged artist decided to voice some issues and battles for universal care by attacking and transforming iconic images of US and Union Jack flags, using found packing crates. Saber’s abstract paintings, made with layered collages and painted paper, combine harmoniously to form a delicate texture with his strong and powerful sharp signature lines. The show runs until mid February. […]

Openings: Gary Taxali – ‘My Feelings Like You’ @ Outsiders

The AM UK calendar for attending art openings has been pretty jammed of late, but one that we were sorry to have missed was Gary Taxali’s show My Feelings Like You at the Outsiders gallery in London earlier this month. We’ve been fans of Taxali’s unique take on mark-making for around a decade, and surprisingly this is his first solo showing in the UK. Gary recently sent us these pictures from his visit to the UK for the opening night, and it seems that UK fans […]

LAzarides 90210 heats up Los Angeles this summer

Remember last year when we broke the news about Lazarides moving their famous Outsiders show to LA? Well, they decided to step up their pop-up show efforts by expanding their LA presence to 4 shows that will last through this summer. The still secret 8000 ft gallery space will be situated in the famous high end district of Beverly Hills. The line up is nothing short of spectacular with David Choe (featured) to kick off with an opening April 23rd, followed by JR, Vhils, Conor Harrington, and Antony Micallef […]

Teaser: “Grifters” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

A new show is about to hit London December 4th and it’s going to be a doozy. Lazarides Gallery (Rathbone) is putting together a serious group show called “Grifters.” Bringing together the group they infamously dubbed “the Outsiders” (here) they look to bring the heat both inside and outside with fresh works from: Polly Morgan, David Choe, Conor Harrington (interviewed), Vhils, Lucy Mclauchlan, Paul Insect, Invader, Charlie Isoe, Zevs, Faile, Antony Micallef (interviewed), Jonathan Yeo, Mode 2, Mark Jenkins, Todd James/ REAS, and more. We’ll […]