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Videos: José Parlá – “Character Gestures”

The Standard Hotel just uploaded a new video taking a short behind-the-scenes look at the Jose Parla Character Gestures show (covered here & here) in Los Angeles last month. Put together by the Parla brothers (Jose and Ray), the footage reminds us of what a great new body of work it was, a fitting show for his LA fans, long in coming. Via Slamxhype. Discuss this show here. Discuss José Parlá here

Openings: José Parlá – “Character Gestures” @ OHWOW (Part II)

First we brought you the opening night action from Los Angeles where José Parlá presented his latest body of work at OHWOW gallery. Now as promised, we give you a more intimate look at the works from the series entitled Character Gestures. As previously mentioned, José created works that exemplified the dynamic range of his talents. From his classic paintings to newer mediums such as mono-transfers, bundles and “concrete” installations, this exhibition clearly demonstrates Mr. Parlá’s skills and dedication to evolution when it comes to his art […]

Openings: José Parlá – “Character Gestures” @ OHWOW

Last night, OHWOW gallery presented Jose Parla’s new body of work titled Character Gestures, which predictably drew much of the art community out in support and to take in a rare LA exhibition from the urban painter and calligraphist. In this collection, the Cuban-born artist explores various themes that deal with aspects of birth and rebirth but he does so in such an interesting way that invites the viewer to study and dissect the meanings behind each piece. For the most part, this work carries […]

Previews: José Parlá – “Character Gestures” @ OHWOW (LA)

José Parlá explores that delicate balance between creation and destruction. As if ancient relics recovered from some archeological dig, his paintings are like modern hieroglyphs each telling a story of a time and place, that of the here and now. While taking on a timeless feel, the protagonist in his tale has always been the city. Dynamic juxtapositions – roughness and fluidity, complexity and minimalism, harmony and chaos – illuminate the soul of his urban muse. With his first solo exhibition since Walls, Diaries, and […]

Teaser: José Parlá – “Character Gestures” @ OHWOW (LA)

With a landmark exhibition at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, entitled Walls, Diaries, and Paintings (covered), just a couple months back in New York, José Parlá will look to parlay his creative juices on the West Coast with a showing this fall at OHWOW’s new Los Angeles space. Opening September 9th, Character Gestures will continue a long tradition of the Brooklyn-based artist and Miami-based institution collaborating together on epic exhibitions. As such, this iteration is sure to impress, providing Southern Californians their much over due fill […]