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Openings: Tauba Auerbach – “Projective Instrument” @ Paula Cooper Gallery

On January 9th, Tauba Auerbach returned to Paula Cooper Gallery in New York for a brand new exhibition. Entitled Projective Instrument, the show plays off the 1915 treatise Projective Ornament by the American architect & theosopher Claude Bragdon in which the author outlines a system for drawing four-dimensional ornament on a two-dimensional plane. Building upon this century old thesis, Auerbach further empowers projective geometry and recasts the “Ornament” as “Instrument,” thereby rendering it an active tool rather than mere representation. This results in a diverse series of works that includes paintings, sculptures and music […]

Dan Walsh @ Paula Cooper

Recently, the Paula Cooper Gallery exhibited a new series of minimalist-conceptual paintings and works on paper by Dan Walsh. In some ways similar to the late Sol Lewitt (whose work is also represented by Paula Cooper), Walsh uses a process-oriented approach to art, by first formulating a system of rules or structures, which then dictates the production of each piece. The paintings in this show were dominated by grids and patterns of varying colors and complexity, often reminiscent of textiles, while the works on paper […]

Openings: Tauba Auerbach – “Float” @ Paula Cooper

Over the weekend,  Tauba Auerbach unveiled a newly created body of work entitled Float at New York’s Paula Cooper Gallery to a packed opening night audience. The showing was everything we expected from the Brooklyn based artist and more, representing the diversity in Tauba’s artistic talents as well as her endless energy to explore a range of mediums. From her recently developed weave paintings to a new Bent Onyx book from the series which started last summer in the Hamptons named A book is an X-axis, […]

Openings: Tauba Auerbach – “Tetrachromat” @ Bergen Kunsthall (Norway)

After almost a year of steadfast anticipation, Tauba Auerbach finally pulled back the curtains and revealed the magic of her newest body of work this weekend at Bergern Kunsthall in Norway. Tetrachromat marks the booming artist’s first solo exhibition since signing with powerhouse Paula Cooper Gallery to great contention last fall, as well as signifies her first museum solo. Long experimenting with themes of dimensionality, the title of the show references a theory which supposes a small percentage of women have four color receptors rather […]

Showing: Roy Lichtenstein – “Entablatures” @ Paula Cooper Gallery

A couple weeks ago, Paula Cooper Gallery opened a rare exhibition of works by Roy Lichtenstein from his celebrated Entablatures series.  Serving as a departure from the signature spotted, comic-inspired pop art he carved his artistic niche upon in the early 1960’s, the paintings are based around the subject of “entablatures”; ornamental features found on classical building facades. In the early 1970’s he found inspiration for the series both in Greek and Roman examples sourced from architectural journals, but also from photographs he took of […]

Basel Week Miami ’10 – Paula Cooper Gallery

Two stars of the last auction season – Rudolph Stingel and Kelley Walker, who both had auction records set, were featured up close and personal at Paula Cooper’s booth during Art Basel Miami Beach.  The gallery’s stacked roster of artists provided them with fantastic pieces by the aforementioned duo and also Carl Andre and Wayne Gonzales (pictured above).  The diversity of their program was on display as you can see after the jump…