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Teaser: Heisuke Kitazawa – “While You Were Away” @ Giant Robot 2

One of the rare digital artists we cover here on AM, Heisuke Kitazawa or PCP will be opening a show at the end of the month at Giant Robot 2. You may remember when we featured his murals in the LA Little Tokyo a couple years back, but for those who aren’t familiar with his work, the Tokyo-based artist is known for his dream-like psychadelic landscapes. Go see While You Were Away starting July 30th with the new body of work described as “about loneliness […]

Publications: tasj vol ii – issue ii

tasj vol ii – issue ii is now out! This issue marks part 1 of the tasj’s Backstage series. It features comprehensive interviews with art world personalities Mark Jenkins (artist and curator of Les Grandes Traversées in France), Rae McGrath (owner of Brooklynite Gallery), Angelo Milano (founder of Fame Festival), Martyn Reed (founder of Nuart), Jacob Samuel (master printmaker and founder of Edition Jacob Samuel), Marc and Sara Schiller (founders of Wooster Collective and authors of Trespass), Stefan Simchowitz (artistic director of Portugal Arte) and […]

PCP Murals @ Weller Court (Little Tokyo, LA)

We stopped by Weller Court in Little Tokyo (LA) last month at the beginning of a road trip and were surprised to see work from digital artist Heisuke Kitazawa aka PCP blown up into giant murals.  Seeing his Japanese artist’s psychedelic-style and dream-like work in large scale was really an unexpected treat.  Stop by if you have a chance, hopefully it will still be up. More pics after the jump.