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Previews: Shepard Fairey – “Americana” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery

This Saturday, Shepard Fairey will present a fresh body of work created in collaboration with Neil Young. The show entitled Americana is Shep’s interpretations of the songs from Young’s recently released album Crazy Horse. This special exhibition will be held at Perry Rubenstein’s newly opened Los Angeles gallery. For all you Obey fans, there will be a limited edition print set available at the opening which contains silkscreen versions of the artwork created for the show. Discuss Shepard Fairey here.

Openings: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery

AM attended the much anticipated homecoming exhibition for the Brooklyn street art collective Faile last Thursday night. Their solo show “Bedtime Stories” was held at the esteemed Perry Rubenstein Gallery where the traditional white walls were a great contrast to the colorful and image laden exhibition. Utilizing their latest “wood block” concept which we explored in our studio visit (here & here), the Patricks took their symbolic imagery and stories to a new level. Take for example their already iconic “Faile Boxes” which contain images […]

Studio Visits: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery Part 2

In part one of our studio visit to Faile’s Williamsburg workshop, we showed you the digs where the magic happens and also took a close look at the uniquely crafted building blocks that form their new works. In part two, we dive deeper into the imagery for their Perry Rubenstein Gallery show “Bedtime Stories” opening this Thursday. The studio seemed like a children’s playland as everywhere we looked there were stacks of beautiful square and rectangular blocks dissected from completed paintings/silkscreens. The Patrick’s affectionately called the […]

Openings: “Shred” @ Perry Rubenstein

“Shred,” an exhibition curated by New York downtown art critic and Paper magazine editor Carlo McCormick, opened last Thursday night at Chelsea’s Perry Rubenstein Gallery. As the name implies, the show features collage-based art from a diverse group of artists, including Dash Snow, Elbow-Toe (interviewed), FAILE (featured), Shepard Fairey (featured), Mark Flood, Erik Foss, Swoon (interviewed) and Judith Supine. McCormick stretches the definition of “collage” to include mixed-media pieces and video/animation, which allows for a diverse body of work, and most likely, a more interesting […]

Preview: “SHRED” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery

Perry Rubenstein Gallery, known to most readers as the gallery that represents Faile (featured), opens an exhibition curated by Carlo McCormick next month, titled “SHRED”. The show focuses on collage-based work by a diverse group of artists, ranging from fine artists to street artists, those who create subversive works on newsprint to those who animate cutout paper silhouettes. They include Bruce Connor, Jack Walls, Dash Snow, Gee Vaucher, Faile, Shepard Fairey (featured), Leo Fitzpatrick, Mark Flood, Eric Foss, Judith Supine, Swoon (interviewed), Brian Douglas aka […]

Faile – “Wood Paintings”

We have an update for Faile fans as the Brooklyn collective released some stunning detailed pictures of the “Wood Paintings” which we premiered for you (here) at the recent show with their US representation Perry Rubenstein Gallery. These new pieces comprise of multiple painted snapshots of Faile’s classic imagery meticulously patched together to form a brilliant mash-up of goodness we have come to expect from the artists formerly known as A-Life. The craftsmanship involved looks ridiculous, and we can’t wait to see these in person. For […]

Openings: Faile – “Law of Fives” Group Show @ Perry Rubenstein

Last night, AM visited Perry Rubenstein gallery for their 5 year anniversary show – “The Law of Fives.” This group show featured the works of FAILE (which we will focus on), but the exhibition also includes Zilla Leutenegger, Teresa Margolles, Robin Rhode and Richard Woods. Faile created an impressive installation utilizing their signature “Boxes” to go along with the 4 other featured artists. But, the exclusive stuff was behind the scenes where our friend Rob from The Most Beautifullest Thing got a little sneak peak at some future works from the […]

Update: Faile @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery (2010)

Apparently Faile wasn’t kidding around when they signed with Perry Rubenstein Gallery in their backyard of New York City. With a slated solo show coming in 2010, the NYC artist collective seems to be heads-down working on a fresh batch goodies. We found some fresh images of the elusive Faile Boxes and canvases created this year. Check out the Nixon-Bunny image (above)! Is this a hint of what’s coming for the 2010 show in NYC or are these for the FIAC art fair? If so, […]