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Streets: El Mac x David Choe (Phoenix)

After collaborated on a series of works in Cambodia last month, El Mac and David Choe met up again in Phoenix recently to work on a new project. The mural at Cobra Arcade Bar featured Miles’ signature ripple-line portraits (this time of his friend Darlene) along with Choe’s loose embellishments surrounding the image. Take a look at more photos below… Top image by @ektorlouise. Discuss El Mac here. Discuss David Choe here.                

Streets: El Mac – “Nuestra Gente” (Phoenix)

Some of El Mac’s most breathtaking murals are collaboration with graffiti artists where his ethereal portraiture is overlaid against a background of urban letterforms. Nuestra Gente, created earlier this year in Phoenix, Arizona, certainly fits the bill when he collaborated with local legends Mando Rascón & Pablo Luna. The background designs seen around the face were painted by Rascón and the outer images on the ends of the mural were laid down by Luna. Created in downtown on Van Buren Street, the sublime wall near where the Los Angeles-based artist […]

Streets: El Mac (Phoenix)

El Mac was recently in Phoenix and painted this mural with his signature technique on the side of a new upcoming artspace called Por Vida Gallery (right next to the infamous Barrio Cafe on 16th street). Seeing its location, this portrait of his friend Chee from LA is a perfect choice as after finishing up Mac was told – “What I like best about this piece is there are a dozen dudes walking around this neighborhood that look just like this painting, and they all think its them. This […]