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Video: Gaia x No Longer Empty

One of the artists that we met up with this year at Art Basel, Gaia, recently collaborated with No Longer Empty (NLE) to paint a Chinatown pulldown gate in NYC.  Take a look at the time-lapse footage of the mural which was a closeup of one of his signature “Deny Me Three Times” images. Via Vandalog. Discuss Gaia here.

Streets: New Banksy – Camden (Regent’s Canal)

Banksy fan and photographer Mammal sent us over some photos of new stencils from the elusive street artist near Regent’s Canal in Camden. Well-timed as usual with the Copenhagen climate talks ending without a legally binding treaty, Mr. B dedicated one of his pieces to the subject (after the jump) as well as this piece seen above with a pretty sweet tag. Take a look after the jump at more images as well as a third piece spotted by another man on the scene – […]

ESPO – A Love Letter For You (Xmas Edition)

Looks like Steve “ESPO” Power’s “A Love Letter For You” crew has been working hard beautifying West Philadelphia in time for Xmas. With the last several murals (48th, 49th, and 50th) finished during a blizzard, the impressive project is completed, but hopefully the artwork will continue to remind the City of Brotherly Love of their namesake for many years to come. More images after the jump…

Streets: LUDO

We’ve been keeping an eye on Paris-based street artist LUDO ever since he got up this piece on an abandoned boat. His “Nature’s Revenge” themed works feature juxtapositions of nature and urban elements as these hybrids fight back against the environmental destruction of humans. His fresh concepts and signature green wheatpastes brighten up an otherwise dreary landscape and the viewer can’t stop but think about the message the artist is trying to get across. More of LUDO’s recent work after the jump…

Basel Week Miami ’09 – TrustoCorp

In addition to the multitudes of already established and successful street artists working Primary Flight this year, AM managed to score a couple hours with the ever mysterious TrustoCorp as the enigmatic entity bolted up their trusty brand of altered and hand painted street signage. Following a successful blanketing of New York City’s financial district, TrustoCorp trucked down to Miami leaving a trail of subversive signs in their wake.  From what TrustoCorp told us, expect a pretty intense nationwide campaign to come to a city […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Dabs & Myla @ Primary Flight

Amidst the living legends, old school heroes and contemporary street artists taking part in this year’s Primary Flight, AM was excited to see the whimsical and well worked wall by Dabs & Myla whom you’ll remember we visited last month in Los Angeles.  With an upcoming appearance at Thinkspace Gallery, expect good things from our favorite Aussie couple. More pictures after the jump.

Basel Week Miami ’09: Ron English – Primary Flight Mural

As Jeff Soto (covered) was busy creating his contribution to this year’s Primary Flight, AM favorite Ron English was busy working on a mural of his own. Another rendition of his classic “Guernica” tribute, Ron’s hand painted masterpiece features many of his most identifiable characters.  As an added bonus, Ron put up some new, colorful wheatpastes, something we haven’t seen him do in quite a while. More pictures after the jump.

Basel Week Miami ’09: Jeff Soto – Primary Flight Mural

There are so many artists getting up at Basel Week Miami this year that it’s hard to keep up with everything. On our list today was Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) mural for Primary Flight. The almost completed piece, although different, is reminiscent of a mural he did in London during his show at StolenSpace in May. In fact, Soto tells us that doing some street work in the UK (the first time in 10 years) started him itching for more outdoor displays of his art like […]

Basel Week Miami ’09: Barry McGee – Wynwood Walls Mural

After opening his epic show last month at PRISM, Barry McGee moved on to Art Basel for his next project. For his Wynwood Walls installation, McGee covered an entire building with his signature geometric patterns, left plenty of tags, trademark imagery, and threw in an overturned car as well, smoke machine and all.  AM spent some time salivating over the details on the site all the while documenting everything to share with you! More images after the jump…

Preview: Basel Week Miami ’09 – Wynwood Walls

AM swung by Deitch Project’s Wynwood Walls early yesterday to check out the massive mural installation, still in progress. Upon arriving at the complex, we were greeted by Martha Cooper (interviewed) who was busy taking shots of Futura, Shepard Fairey (featured), Os Gemeos and Kenny Scharf as they were busy installing their massive murals. With additional pieces by Aiko, Barry McGee and Swoon (interviewed), expect Wynwood Walls to present an impressive showing later this evening. More pictures after the jump.