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Videos: Jeff Soto – “Off The Wall”

While Jeff Soto (featured) was in NY, Friends With You visited with him and caught some footage of a wall mural he was working on. Jeff was in town for his solo show “Life Cycle” (covered) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery and talks on camera about his background, the creative process behind the show, his future plans, and much more. Discuss Jeff Soto here.

Openings: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

New York put out a big welcome for Jeff Soto (featured) when he rolled into town for the opening of his solo show in Chelsea at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery last night. The Riverside native and originator of the Sotofish put to together a stunning collection of work entitled “Life Cycle” featuring contemplative paintings of the joys and sorrows of life, death, and everything in between. Jeff has added more detail and depth into this new batch of work which definitely shows. Take a look […]

Streets: Jeff Soto in New York

After Jeff Soto (featured) tasted the streets again in London after ten long years, it looks like he’s definitely gotten the itch since then. Following a sick mural for Art Basel Week last December in Miami, he now has put up a piece in Chelsea ahead of his show opening this Saturday night at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Keep it locked on AM as we’ll have more to follow… Discuss this show here. Discuss Jeff Soto here. Join Jeff Soto’s facebook fan page here.

Studio Visits: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Another monster show this weekend will be Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) first solo show in New York since 2007.  As we promised you several weeks ago, we now have our full studio visit to share with you as we caught him working on a new body of work – “Life Cycle”. With these paintings, Jeff has put together a show that is deeply personal dealing with issues of family, life, and death. We are sure you will be impressed as we were when the show opens […]

Update: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

AM stopped by yesterday to visit with Jeff Soto (interviewed) to find out more about his upcoming show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery later this month (June 26th). Although we are big fans of this work already, we were still very impressed by this new body of work, especially the level of detail and depth that Jeff decided to add to this new batch of paintings. We’ll be bringing you the full studio visit with some more teaser shots soon, but believe us when we say this […]

Teaser: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

One of the shows we are looking forward to next month is Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Opening in New York on June 26th, “Life Cycle” will be Jeff’s last solo exhibition for the near future as he will be taking time to explore other projects. It sounds to be a deeply personal show as Jeff explains in his own words: “The show is about growing mentally and physically, becoming an adult, seeing your parents age and seeing your children start […]