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Openings: Tauba Auerbach – “Tetrachromat” @ Bergen Kunsthall (Norway)

After almost a year of steadfast anticipation, Tauba Auerbach finally pulled back the curtains and revealed the magic of her newest body of work this weekend at Bergern Kunsthall in Norway. Tetrachromat marks the booming artist’s first solo exhibition since signing with powerhouse Paula Cooper Gallery to great contention last fall, as well as signifies her first museum solo. Long experimenting with themes of dimensionality, the title of the show references a theory which supposes a small percentage of women have four color receptors rather […]

Showing: Tauba Auerbach – “The W Axis” @ Standard (Oslo)

Few artists are capable of transforming the ordinary into the transcendent quite like Tauba Auerbach. From manipulating simple letters in clever and meaningful ways to replicating the intricate patterns produced by analog TV static, or perhaps most famously reordering every letter in the Bible alphabetically into a cloth bound book of gibberish, the American artist has the uncanny ability to squeeze every last drop of value out of seemingly dull subjects, tweaking perspective ever so gently so as to bend perception in the most dramatic […]