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Openings: “Paris Match” Group Show @ Opera Gallery (Paris)

Celebrating the 64th anniversary of French magazine Paris Match, in partnership with Opera Gallery in Paris, 19 artists paid tribute by revisiting some of their iconic covers in paintings, sculptures, photos and other mixed media. Participating artists included Speedy Graphito, C215, Blek Le Rat, The London Police, Kan, Dest, Paul Alexis, G.J. Plisson & Brusk, Andre Monet, Gully, Gris1, Brusk, Tilt, Hisham Echafaki, Ron Agam and Zeus. View the catalogue here. Pics by Butterfly and Opera Gallery.

Previews: “Wider than a postcard” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On the back of his Space//Form group exhibition last year (covered), Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis is working with Breeze Block Gallery in Portland again on another huge group event entitled Wider than a postcard. With over 200 artists and 400 individual works, this exhibition looks to be both bigger than the previous event and also smaller at the same time as all of the artworks are postcard sized at 6×4 inches. Each artist is either making work on a found / owned postcard and adapting / adding […]

Streets: “Elevate South Broad Mural Projects” (Atlanta)

Last week, artists Hense, Push, Tilt (above), Sever, and Born came together to paint some new walls for the Elevate South Broad Mural Project in Atlanta. Located at South Broad Street between MLK Boulevard and Mitchell Street, the new work beautifies an area that sorely needed some love. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more of these projects in the future. Discuss Tilt here. Discuss Push here. Photo Credit: Nick Mickolas / Graffuturism.

Openings: “FRENCH INVASION” @ Fabien Castanier Gallery

Several days ago, the Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles hosted a group show for a selection of French street artists appropriately entitled FRENCH INVASION. Featuring the likes of Speedy Graphito, JonOne, Nasty, Rero and Tilt, the space was filled with paintings, installations, silkscreens and sculpture from each artist. The evening was rounded out by a live painting session on a collaborative mural as well as a surprise showing from SEEN and Sket One. Photo credit: Birdman Photos & Guillaume Zuili.

Rewind: March 12 – March 18

First up for this week’s Rewind feature is this video showing Evan Roth’s novel use of spray cans from his Propulsion Painting series (via today and tomorrow). These creations were featured in his recently opened Welcome to Detroit showing at Eastern Michigan University. You can see more footage of the work here if you are interested. Other notable videos include: Stussy visiting David Shrigley’s studio in Glasgow to discuss his artwork. Trailer for Victor Reyes show at Known Gallery. Footage of Piet Dieleman & MOMO collaboration for […]

Studio Visit / Streets: Tilt

AM was fortunate to visit French graffiti artist TILT in his studio in Toulouse as he prepared for multiple shows in London at POW, Singapore and Manila, and to follow him across the streets. When not painting graffiti on naked “bubble girls” across the world, the self declared “graffiti fetichist” leverages his fun and colourful bubble letters to represent iconic portraits, shoes and flags. Photos by Butterfly for Arrested Motion.

Streets: World Roundup (Nov. 28 – Dec. 4)

This week’s world roundup of street work is heavily tilted towards Art Basel Week Miami. With so many artists in town, there was bound to be some overlap on walls and in some cases – collaborations. Not sure if the Buff Monster & COPE2 piece above was planned as a tag team effort, but they seem to fit nicely together. Also included from Miami is more from COPE2, Aiko, ABOVE, JAZ, Anthony Lister x Eine, Pixel Pancho. Other walls from other parts of the world […]