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Previews: “BLAB! Eleventh” @ Copro Gallery

On September 1st, Copro Gallery will be opening the 11th edition of the BLAB! Show. The selection is always strong for this longest running annual exhibition at the Los Angeles gallery with this year being no different. Participants for 2016 include: Camille Rose Garcia, Martin Wittfooth, Travis Louie, Joe Sorren, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Jeff Gillette (seen above), Peter Ferguson, Jana Brike, Esther Pearl Watson, Ryan Heshka, Lola, Owen Smith, Glenn Barr, John Brophy, Amy Crehore, Richard J. Oliver, Tim O’Brien, Tom Bagshaw, Fred Stonehouse, DXTR, Hannah Faith Yata, […]

Tim O’Brien – Aged Mona Lisa for Discover Magazine

Tim O’Brien, an artist who has been featured here on AM before (see Tupac, Osama bin Laden as well as sweet Charlie Brown painting), has a new magazine cover out. The new painting that ended up being on the front of Discover Magazine’s new issue about the aging world was an older version of Davinci’s muse – Mona Lisa. Head over to to O’Brien’s blog to hear more on his creative process. Discuss Tim O’Brien here.  

Tim O’Brien – “Tupac at 40” for XXL Mag

How would Tupac look at 40?  XXL magazine tries to answer this question with the 15-year anniversary of the rapper’s death coming up in September. Illustrator Tim O’Brien, whose death of Osama bin Laden cover for Time as well as sweet Charlie Brown painting we covered in the past, was tapped to paint his vision of the middle aged gangster rapper if he was still alive for the upcoming issue.  As he explained in his blog, this version of Tupac is if the years treated […]

Tim O’Brien – Osama bin Laden Time Magazine Cover

Some of you may remember Tim O’Brien from his popular take on Charlie Brown for the Monster? exhibition (covered) a while back.  Unfortunately, the piece later ended up being the target of the notoriously zealous estate of Charles Schultz. We’ve been following his mostly illustrative work on his blog ever since that show and have enjoyed the background information and insight posted by the talented artist on various projects. Of particular interest though because of recent events is the TIME cover that he created for […]