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Openings: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art To The Unclean” @ Last Rites

Several weeks ago in New York, the impressive new paintings that we saw in-studio from Brian Viveros were finally displayed on the walls of the Last Rites Gallery. Entitled Returning Art To The Unclean, the new work all featured his portraiture of smoking hot femme fatales, posed and ready to do battle. For this show, many his “troops” sported tattoos, certainly appropriate for the setting, and as usual, Brian provided the appropriate head gear for them. As a bonus, the evening featured the Sunday Show […]

Studio Visit / Preview: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art To The Unclean” @ Last Rites

Recently, AM was fortunate enough to visit the studio of artist Brian M. Viveros. In preparation for his show titled Returning Art To The Unclean opening on September 3rd, the artist has further expands on his signature style which often features extremely sensual women under an aura of pin up style imagery. Working with portraits instead of full body images, Viveros’ style carries a weight of emotion and feeling that’s often hidden underneath the gaze of his female creations. The various influences which he borrows […]

Update: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art to the Unclean” @ Last Rites Gallery

Earlier this week, AM stopped by Brian Viveros’ studio to catch up with the Riverside-based artist and talk about his upcoming show in New York. After a successful showing in Los Angeles last October, we were anxious to see what he had planned for Returning Art to the Unclean opening on September 3rd at Last Rites Gallery. Well, we walked away impressed and we’ll have the full studio visit for you soon, but for now take a peek at Brian working on the last piece […]

Teaser: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art to the Unclean” @ Last Rites Gallery

When we we last visited Brian Viveros in his studio, he was hard at work getting ready for his The Dirtyland exhibition at Thinkspace. After that successful showing last October, the Riverside-based painter will be bringing his entire “Smoking Arm-Me” to New York for his next solo at the Last Rites Gallery in September. We’ll have more to follow but take a look at this teaser shot of his Night-Stalk-Her painting for now. Showcard after the jump…