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Openings: Sickboy – “Heaven and Earth” @ Dray Walk

Initially known for his iconic red and yellow ‘Temples’ sprayed onto wheelie bins and walls across the world, Sickboy returns to London for his second major solo show titled Heaven & Earth. Taking inspiration from Renaissance paintings, religious iconography and surrealist artists like Hieronymus Bosch, Sickboy has spent the last two years building up a new body of work. On large scale paintings with intricate details, religious messages are replaced by Sickboy’s own symbolism and psychedelic world with a positive twist. A resident pastor appears […]

Contests: David Choe – “Yellow Armour” Print Giveaway

This Friday, on the mythical 11/11/11, David Choe (featured) will be giving away a print in appreciation of all the love and support he has received from his fans over the years. This image above, Yellow Armour, will be printed 18 x 24, signed, and shipped free to the first 111 people who email him ([email protected]) after 11:11 pm West Coast time with a completed checklist. This is where it gets crazy in a way that only a Choe contest can be – take a […]

Openings: D*Face – “Burn Brighter” @ Metro Gallery

A couple weeks ago, the Metro Gallery opened their doors to the UK-based D*Face’s (interviewed) and a new body of work. Burn Brighter features original pieces and limited editions, his flutter-dies and chopped up books (which were introduced at the Corey Helford show in LA back in April), as well as many of the cheeky installations he has become known for. Some of his recent outdoor work also made a transition indoors including the concrete spraycans seen on the streets of Melbourne and the large […]

Streets: Phlegm (Switzerland)

While it looks like street muralist Phlegm has had time to work on some drawings for his new book in his home city of Sheffield, he still has found time to leave the UK to work on some walls. This latest piece, put together by Wall Arts Basel, is in Basel, Switzerland and features some of his signature characters involved in some kind of struggle. More detailed pics after the jump…

Streets: Faile Mural on Bowery & Houston (Part II)

AM was recently onsite to bring you Faile breaking ground at the prominent Houston & Bowery mural (before they headed to London for their solo). As you saw in Part I, the basic foundation of the work was a ginormous collage featuring much of the classic imagery created by the collective (both new & old). In an effort to dodge the crazy weather and rain, the two Patrick’s worked morning to night without assistance to wheatpaste the base of their work. After day one, the efforts paid off […]

Preview: C215 – “Smoke gets in your Eyes” @ Shooting Gallery

Prolific Parisian street artist Christian Guemy aka C215 will be presenting a new body of work at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco on December 10th. Smoke gets in your Eyes will feature his multi-colored works, with the subject matter hinted in the title of the show, and will put his exquisite stenciling ability on display. Take a look at some preview images he sent our way after the jump…

Streets / Video: Meggs x Endeavor Snowboards (Vancouver)

Meggs, who recently invaded San Francisco along with members of the Young and Free Aussie crew, apparently decided to head up even more north pay a solo visit to Vancouver. While there, a sweet video (filmed and directed by Randy Ross) was put together as he worked on the mural seen above for the Endeavor Snowboards building as well something for the offices. The footage not only spent a lot of time documenting his technique and creative process, it also features a lengthy and insightful […]

Streets: David Flores x Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles)

David Flores and Shepard Fairey (featured) continue to go big as they have now collaborated on a new piece standing in the midst of Downtown Los Angeles. Covering an entire wall, the mural is a combination of Flores’ unique design on one side and on the other, Fairey’s black and white iconography. Over the past few months, the two artists have continued their prolific pace, much of which we have captured including Flores’ rendition of Phil Stern’s James Dean photograph and his reworking of a […]

Openings: Paul Insect – “Triptease Revue” @ Post No Bills

Just a few days ago, Paul Insect debuted his first major U.S. solo exhibition at Venice’s Post No Bills gallery. Featuring a vast array of original art on paper as well as exclusive limited edition prints, the show illustrated the street artist’s many different talents and interests. His artwork covered every wall of the gallery and it almost seemed like the wall space was not enough. Fusing various themes ranging from voyeurism to politics, Insect decided to make this show as memorable as possible and […]
Dran in Toulouse, France.  Photo via

Streets: World Roundup Oct 31- Nov 6

This week’s roundup starts with the always entertaining David Choe (featured). He claims to have recently found the abandoned vacation home of the infamous Pablo Escobar in Columbia. What ensues is of course some NSFW shenanigans that for those interested you can see here. Other walls that caught out attention include Dran (France), Miss Bugs (London), ROA (Australia), Stinkfish (Guatemala), Sam3 (Portugal), Aryz (Spain), INSA (London), and Mobstr. Photos after the jump…