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Previews: David Choe & James Jean – “LA Secret Studio” in Tokyo

Remember when we brought you an inside look into David Choe’s (featured), & James Jean’s (interviewed) secret Bat Cave in Los Angeles? Well, the dynamic duo has decided to take this concept to Japan and put on a pop-up show in Shibuya. The citizens in the “Land of the Rising Sun” will be waking up to an exhibition featuring the works from these two cutting edge artists from the City of Angels and will have an opportunity to purchase James’ “Liber Novus” and Dave’s “Tokyo Girl” prints. This […]

Teaser: Aakash Nihalani – “Overlap” @ Bose Pacia

Geometrically inclined Aakash Nihalani will be opening a new show at the Bose Pacia Gallery in New York on November 4th. After taking the next step in converting his public tape installations to cut aluminum gallery pieces for an LA show earlier this year, we are looking forward to what the creative street artist will bring next. Expect the new body of work to include “photography, sculpture, tape installation, painting, and interactive digital imagery”. A more revealing look at Aakash’s photographic wizardry after the jump…

Openings: TrustoCorp – “New Americana” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Saturday night at the Los Angeles branch of Gallery 1988, Trustocorp brought his special brand of cynicism to the very city where much of his biting satire finds its target. The show, entitled “New Americana” highlights much of what is wrong with this country through the signature remastered street signs, tongue-in-cheek depictions of what the typical American male and female are comprised of, altered products, and like his show NY – mock carnival games. Also, a souped-up shopping cart in collaboration with speaker company Klipsch […]

Preview: Date Farmers @ Ace Gallery, The Wilshire Tower

What have the Date Farmers been up to since we last saw them in New York in April at the opening of their solo show at Jonathan LeVine? Well, they have moved their headquarters from the Coachella Valley to a Los Angeles studio to concentrate their energies on their next endeavor – a exhibition at Ace Gallery celebrating the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence. With this thematic choice, we are sure most DF fans out there can see that their work which is inspired by their […]

Openings: Swoon – “Fata Morgana” @ Galerie L.J.

Swoon’s (interviewed) newest solo show “Fata Morgana” opened in Paris last night at the Galerie L.J. An appropriate title for her show as the Brooklyn-based street artist changed the interior of the gallery like a “unusual and very complex form of mirage” with her customary immersive installations. It seems like we haven’t seen her transform a space so extensively since last year in Berlin. Take a look at the exquisite paperwork, cutouts, and wall hangings after the jump courtesy of Guillotine.

Openings: Invader – “Roma 2010 & Other Curiosities” @ Wunderkammern (Italy)

Last night, the invasion of Rome officially started at Wunderkammern as Invader opened his newest show “Roma 2010 & Other Curiosities” (teased). The Rome Photo Blog was on hand to document the new body of work including sculpture, his infamous tile work, photographs, and maps painstakingly detailing each and every piece the French street artist put up. More photos after the jump…

Overtime: October 17 – 23

A first look at Audrey Kawasaki’s shows in Australia. Fumi Nakamura is showing in New York. The full images from Aaron Horkey’s release next week. Something new from Charlie Immer. An inside gaze at inspirations for Ryan Trecartin’s W Magazine spread. Original drawing for the cover of Charlotte’s Web sells for $155,000, about 6 times its presale estimate. Marina Abramović introduces new show – on video. Lazarides – “The Gangster” in Modern Painters. Todd James for Umbro’s Manchester vs Sao Paulo campaign. New cutouts in […]

Video: Interview with “Exit Through The Gift Shop” Producer & Editor

An interesting video popped up recently from Viddler where producer Jaimie D’ Cruz and editor Chris King of Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” were interviewed. The two of them talk extensively about how the film came about and the background behind all the footage. Hearing this interview may put to rest some to the speculation that the movie was one big hoax, although some people will never be convinced.  Of course, this could all be part of the game but they would have to […]

Teaser: REDU HOMEROOM @ Reed Space (NY)

It appears REDU will be continuing the hot streak of standout art events in the name of educational reform with REDU HOMEROOM. Aiming to “rethink public education by putting creativity and innovation back in the classrooms”, the pervasive non-profit will be teaming up OHWOW and Staple Design, as well as an extensive cast of corporate supporters including Bing, The New York Times, CAA Foundation and many more, to bring Manhattan’s Lower East Side a unique two-week artistic and fundraising event with 100% of the proceeds […]

Opening & Closing: The Hole’s “RE:FORM School” Charity Exhibit

A couple weekends ago, The Hole in conjunction with non-profit organization Redu called upon a diverse collection of artists to help shine a much needed light on the increasingly strained American school systems by donating their talents to raise money for educational reform. Aptly dubbed RE:FORM School, the show brought together an eclectic array of contemporary and street artists, including Shepard Fairey, Faile, WK Interact, Mel Kadel, Ron English, Greg Lamarche, Gary Baseman, Chris Johanson, SWOON, Friends With You, Jim Houser, TrustoCorp, Ryan Bubnis and […]