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Streets: Faile (Los Angeles)

Faile (featured), the Brooklyn-based artist collective, have revealed new work on the streets just a few blocks away (Gjelina Restaurant) from the Post No Bills Gallery in Venice, California where they are exhibiting a collection of work detailing their artistic careers (show photos to follow). The wall was covered in the salon style that has been seen in some of their recent street work and also featured a sprinkling of co-conspirator Bast’s imagery. More photos after the jump…

Showing: James Cauty – “A Riot in a Jam Jar” @ L-13

We’ve mentioned James Cauty’s work briefly in our weekly Overtime articles as well as on our facebook fanpage, but now that we have heard of an actual exhibition of his A Riot in a Jam Jar series, we thought we would feature it more in-depth. Running currently until July 5th at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, the sculptural dioramas feature Cauty’s take on a heavy-handed police state utilizing a increasingly complex composition. Make sure you hit up the show catalog site for more titles, descriptions, […]

Streets: Phlegm (Sheffield)

Prolific street artist Phlegm continues to his assault on derelict walls in Sheffield. After taking a break to hit up London, the UK-based artist struck closer to home with this complex piece although we aren’t sure how zombies got involved. With so many sweet murals under his belt, that wall-based photographic comic he is working up is shaping up quite nicely – can’t wait. Another detailed shot after the jump…

Streets: Ron English – “Skin Deep” @ Lazarides Rathbone Place

Ron English has landed in London and is already working the streets with his signature Popaganda disruptions. He sent us some images during some computer breaks from putting up his new Thoughtful street campaign. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the UK starting this Friday, be sure to catch his show Skin Deep: Post-Instinctual Afterthoughts On Psychological Portraiture opening at Lazarides (Rathbone Place). Also check out our recent visit to his mad laboratory here to get an idea of the new body of work he has prepared […]

Teaser: Pedro Matos @ Shooting Gallery

It’s been a year since we last saw a solo (covered) from Lisbon based street artist Pedro Matos. It looks like he has used the time in between shows wisely getting ready for an exhibition at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco in September. He’ll be continuing his portraiture of society’s downtrodden and neglected, but it looks like he has some new tricks up his sleeve as well judging from the preview image above. Take a look at a recent video after the jump…

Streets: Banksy (London)

In a fitting nod to UK graf artist, Tox, who earlier in the month was charged with criminal damages for his ubiquitous tags across London and beyond, Banksy has issued a tribute in the form of his most recent street piece. Located in Tox’s hometown of Camden, the Bristol-based street icon has cleverly blended whimsy and nostalgia to bring attention to the legal situation of all five street artists brought down in the British Transport Police’s “Operation Misfit”. Whatever the cause for Banksy to get […]

Liu Bolin x Kenny Scharf Houston Mural

When we broke news of Liu Bolin new solo at Eli Klein Fine Art back in May, we also mentioned that the Beijing-based artist would be taking advantage of his time in New York to create a Hiding In New York series of works to be released later in the fall. Well, it looks like “The Invisible Man” has touched down ahead the June 29th show opening for a photo session in front of Kenny Scharf’s (interviewed) now famous Houston & Bowery mural. Kenny also stopped by to lend […]

Brooklyn Museum Cancels Scheduled “Art in the Streets” Exhibition

Perhaps KAWS had a sixth sense as to what was going to happen when he placed his Passing Through Companion at The Standard in New York recently. The street art and graffiti community was saddened as news has came today that the Brooklyn Museum has cancelled the scheduled next stop for the current Art in the Streets exhibition currently showing at the MOCA. Although the museum has cited a lack of financial funding as the reason for forgoing the show, AM can’t help but wonder […]

Behind-The-Scenes: Saber – “Keprage RWB”

Since the opening of his show, The American Graffiti Artist (covered), at the Opera Gallery, SABER (interviewed) has been involved in a slew of other shows including Street Cred in Pasadena and Assorted Flavor just last weekend. We thought we would rewind back to the NYC opening and take a closer look at the behind-the-scenes action of the creation of the Keprage RWB print that was released concurrently with that show (details for purchase here). There are more photos after the jump but we would also […]

Preview: Sea No Evil 2011

Time flies!  The annual Sea No Evil benefit auction ($10 donation required at the door) is fast approaching – in fact, it’s this Saturday, June 25th. It seems the lineup and art included in show just gets better each year (see 2010 and 2009), so you will want to be at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium starting at 6pm that night as She Wants Revenge will be playing and Captain Watson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be speaking. But more importantly for >