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Streets: Andrew Hem (Los Angeles)

As Andrew Hem (interviewed) got ready for his show opening next weekend at LeBasse Projects in Culver City, he took time to throw up this mural in the neighborhood, Washington and National to be exact. This large piece featuring Andrew’s colorful characters seen in many of his paintings is in the same area where Herakut and Case worked on walls when they were in town (also arranged by Warren Brand). More photos by Carlos Gonzalez as he caught the mural when it neared completion after […]

Previews: Shepard Fairey – “Citykids” @ Wooster Street Social Club

You may remember last year during the finals days of Deitch Projects, Shepard Fairey (featured) held his solo exhibition May Day in New York. What you may not have seen was a special community mural project he created with the Citykids Foundation. AM was on hand to capture Shepard and his crew engaging intercity youths to create a series of twelve 8 x 4 foot panels as part of the A Positive Thought Cannot Be Denied project. From July 6th to July 18th, the Wooster Street Social Club […]

Preview: ROA @ Skalitzers (Berlin)

Globetrotting street phenomenon ROA has touched down in Berlin and is currently setting up his show at Skalitzers. Not only will fans in Germany be treated to complex installations and ingenius moving-part paintings, the Belgium-based artist will be releasing his first book – ROA: An Introduction To Animal Representation by Mammal Press. Don’t miss the opening Saturday night, July 9th – we’ll see you there. A couple more teaser shots after the jump.

Video: D*Face Ridiculous Pool Paint Attack

Remember when D*Face (interviewed) hit up the Ridiculous Pool, the skateboarding hotspot in San Bernardino, California back in 2009? Named because of its sweet curvature, the empty pool is perfect for skaters and this time D, who was in town for the Corey Helford anniversary show, took advantage of that fact by attaching spraycans to the decks and letting everyone paint up the pool. Check out the spirographic effect in the video above. Via LAMJC. Discuss D*Face here.

Preview: “Summer Group Show” @ StolenSpace

Tonight in London, the StolenSpace Gallery will be holding their annual Summer Group Show. Featuring represented artists as well as a few new names to the roster, this exhibition will include all brand new works in varied media and size as well as new print releases from D*Face (interviewed) & Word To Mother (interviewed). Other names you may recognize in the show include Sylvia Ji, Chloe Early, Hellovon, Eine, Mysterious Al, Oliver Vernon, and Josie Morway (see full list here). A couple more preview images after the jump…

Showing: Delta @ (Switzerland)

After hanging up his distinctive large-scale sculptural pieces in March at the Muziekgebouw Concert Hall in his home-city of Amsterdam (covered), Boris Tellegen aka Delta moved on to his next project, this time in the epicenter of art fair world – Basel, Switzerland. One of the most respected old-school writers from Amsterdam, Delta continues to explore his post-graf abstract aesthetic with this transformation of the artspace into an immersive installation.  The exhibition will be on view through September 10th so stop by if you […]

Video: Ekundayo

Ekundayo (interviewed), who we hung out with at POW WOW earlier this year, recently sent us this video of him getting up on Kapahulu in Hawaii.  Not a stranger to wall work in his home state (see here and here), the LA-based artist painted this newest piece after being inspired by an old Hawaiian legend of which he explains in the video above.  The project was supported in part by and Discuss Ekundayo here

Streets: London Instagram Roundup

I have been kindly asked by the nice guys here at AM if I would like to submit a weekly street art article from my Instagram feed. Without hesitation I accepted… For those of you who haven’t heard about Instagram, it’s an app on the iPhone where you can upload and share pictures, so all photos are taken with the iPhone. I mainly focus on the streets of Shoreditch and areas of Hackney, London, taking photographs of new and old streetart. So, here goes, I […]

Happy 4th of July!

Everyone here at AM (at least on this side of the pond) wanted to wish you a happy fourth of July! We thought that we would take this opportunity to review some of the American Flags that have been reinterpreted over the years by artists we cover here. This is by no means an exhaustive list as the iconic symbol has been a very popular inspiration for artists whether it be a patriotic or anti-patriotic creation. More flags after the jump from artists including Aaron […]

Streets: Conor Harrington (Ireland) Part II

As we mentioned in our last article, Conor Harrington (interviewed) is traveling his home country of Ireland and it looks like he has cowboys on his mind. This newest wall is in Ennis and was painted for the Ennis Street Festival. Look for one more piece to come as well as a video from the talented Andy Telling, who previously created the Crossing Lines video with Conor in the Middle East (and the sweet Fame Festival footage in Madre). More pics after the jump…