Masakatsu Sashie‘s show “Under Fluorescent Light” opened last Saturday at GR2 on the west side. As usual, his detailed spheres encompassing urban elements (buildings, vending machines, air conditioners, television sets) were quite eye-catching. It’s as if his so-called “orb paintings” shrunk the ingredients of city living into a compact package for consumption.

Another interesting item for sale was this model kit of one of his “orb paintings” that was for sale. Limited 50 pieces and nicely priced at $100, these must have sold out. Hopefully he will make more available for sale in the future. You will have to paint it after building it, that’s what makes enjoyable right?.

Model kit based on Sashie’s artwork.

A little more about the show & photos after the jump.

Below is one of the non “orb paintings” that he seems to be moving towards. Hopefully he will continue with his signature pieces so we can acquire a piece or two before he moves up on the price scale. He won’t be affordable for long with Murakami‘s backing & midas touch.

All the photos seen below.

photo of artist via, rest of photos courtesy of dv monk.
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