This Saturday, Aurel Schmidt opens her second solo show Maneater at Soho’s Deitch Projects. For those not familiar with the work of this exciting emerging artist, Schmidt’s intricate and detailed drawings combine small elements such as bugs and cigarettes into beautiful and grotesque compositions.

According to the Deitch Web site, ” In Man Eater, Ms. Schmidt adapts her technique of punk assemblage drawing to masterpieces of Modernist Art, gravitating towards the most iconic and most macho. Picasso’s Weeping Women are her first meal, eaten up with her eyes and transformed into shit with her pencil. Composition and color are retained while one lady’s hat becomes a nest of seagulls and pigeons, her eyes are transformed into circles of feeding flies, the eyebrows are drawn as crawling centipedes and her tears form pink cockroaches. For another weeper, her choker is drawn as a gravel neck brace, and her nematodal grimace is lined with melting lipstick teeth.”

More images of Schmidt’s work (courtesy of Deitch), after the jump.