A fast rising star in the UK art scene, Chloe Early opened her solo show Ladies and Gentleman We Are Spinning in Space this weekend at StolenSpace Gallery in London.

Chloe’s fantastical works provide a window into a blended world where abstract meets architectural backdrops. Using linen or aluminum mediums, Chloe weaves environments where reality/fantasy, urban/jungle converge and intertwine. Her pieces often use a human (often a diver) to work in parallel with the world it inhabits to create her dreamy snapshots. This body of work progressed to include couples and/or herds of animals, along with the notable incorporation of circus or carnival scenery in her always euphoric environments.

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This is Chloe’s 2nd solo show with StolenSpace, and her 3rd in the UK. If her beautiful piece at Corey Helford’s Clowns! show is any hint of a potential future US show, then AM looks forward her first trip across the pond!

Ladies and Gentleman we are Spinning in Space is showing now at Stolen Space now until Nov 30th.

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

Photos courtesy of cluttergeof & unusualimage