Continuing with our coverage of Basel Week Miami, AM wanted to highlight another tantalizing find from the Scope/Art Asia fair: Wang Zhi Jie

Wang Zhi Jie is a contemporary artist from China that wields a skillful brush and conjures up some very sexy and appealing imagery. He specializes in drawing “innocent girls” conducting what are perceived to be provocative actions. He uses big dreamy & shiny eyes to symbolize the innocence of these young girls and focuses on them “mimicking” adult poses/situations.

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Zhi Jie actually has an earlier series of works that has his girls with smaller (slightly duller) grey eyes, symbolizing an older more jaded girl – still very cute but not as “baby” sweet as these girls. At first, we thought his works were airbrushed to get that dreamy misty feel, but the gallery informed us that he hand paints everything from start to finish (on canvas). His beautiful works at Basel were immense in size (6 x 5 feet!).

If you would like more information, please contact Pan & Wei Gallery

We have included some more images in the gallery below that were not shown at Basel.

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