The thing about “Art Show” week (Armory, Art Basel, Art LA) is not only exposure to all the great art you can handle, but you also realize how small the art community is. Seeing big-named artists walking down the aisle and celebrities moving from booth to booth is not an uncommon occurrence.

At the Armory Art Fair, we ran into Marsea Goldberg of LA’s New Image Art. Marsea told AM that she was in town not only to check out Armory Week, but also to “catch up” with some of the New York artists that New Image represents or are friends with. Later on that night, she went to visit Brooklyn street artist Bast at his studio. We peeped some of the in-progress pics of his amazing works this morning. Hopefully, we’ll see the completed pieces soon in some future shows.

See pictures after the jump.

Marsea Goldberg of New Image Art

Marsea in front of her favorite piece at Armory.

Thanks to our girl Marsea for the pictures. See more on their blog.