Next Wednesday, March 18th, Sloan Fine Art will be opening a new three-person show entitled I Know What You’re Thinking, featuring the work of Seonna Hong (above), Caroline Hwang and Saelee Oh. Seonna Hong is a multi-talented artist working in painting, illustration and animation. She is also the only non-Japanese artist in Takashi Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki group. Recently, Hong seems to be bringing her animation background more into her fine art, creating mixed-media works with layers of paper and velum. Brooklyn artist Caroline Hwang creates elaborate stitched and quilted work made from fabric, thread and paint. In her current work, Hwang appropriates the communication system of nautical flags, reinterpreting their imagery and messages toward people’s everyday lives. Saelee Oh paints feminine illustrative works with a modern folk art style.

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