Last night, Bed Stuy’s Brooklynite Gallery hosted the opening of “2 Many Artists,” featuring the work of Miss Bugs and Joe Black. The show seemed to be the the two artists commenting on the current public conversation about what constitutes fair use in terms of artists reappropriating from other artists. Their answer: anything goes.

Both Miss Bugs and Joe Black take the imagery and styles of dozens of modern and contemporary artists – from Salvador Dali, Piet Modrian and Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst, Ron English and Shepard Fairey – and throw them in a blender with other pop culture references, mixing and remixing everything into a visual mash-up. But the artists also add their own ideas and style to the mix, so that the end result is more than just the sum of the parts. Welcome to post-street art.

Check out images of the show, after the jump.