The most striking, inherent fallacy of street art displayed in a gallery setting is undoubtably the loss of contextual reference for both the viewer and the artist. Just as the adrenaline rush or illegality of street art can never truly be conveyed in a screenprint, the dirt, grime and overall pith and timber of the street can never truly be conveyed on a canvas or for that matter, the internet. It is this intrinsic issue that curators Luna Park and Billikid have attempted to tackle in their upcoming show, The GREAT outDOORS.

Utilizing thirty doors, all re-appropriated from the public domain, the GREAT outDOORS brings as much of the street into the gallery as possible. With a strong showing of underground Brooklyn artists as well as some heavyweights, such as Skullphone and Broken Crow, we for one are excited to see what Luna and Billi have in store. The show opens Saturday, May 2nd at the Artbreak Gallery.