Clayton Brothers (Christian and Rob)

Clayton Brothers (Christian and Rob)

“Jumbo Fruit” from the Clayton Brothers opened last week at Patrick Painter to a large and appreciative crowd that included several of LA’s art elite. This was their first major collection of works in Los Angeles since they rocked La Luz De Jesus back in 2003 with their epic “Six Foot Eleven” show.

Up next, “Inside Out” at The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art from September 10 through December 19, 2010. “Inside Out” will present the first major museum exhibition dedicated to the bold, colorful works of the Clayton Brothers – Rob and Christian. This exhibition will reunite the three epic installations from the Clayton Brothers past – Tim House (2001), I Come From Here (2004), and Wishy Washy (2007). All together for the 1st time, as the brothers envisioned them to be. That alone, is worth the trip to the cheese state next fall. More on this very special retrospective exhibit soon.

More pics from the opening and exhibition as a whole after the jump.

Pics courtesy of Andrew Hosner and the gallery.

Patrick Painter Inc.
Unit A8 & B2 in Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica
(On view at both galleries through August 29th)

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