Camille Rose Garcia’s show “The Hydra of Babylon” is fast approaching! This exhibition at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, opening in September, will be her first show in Los Angeles in over two years.  She describes the show by saying “watch out for eagles, vultures, crazy butterflies, and of course a giant nine-headed hydra.”

She also hints that “a secret punk rock superhero of (hers) will be hosting if she is in town!”  Not surprising as she has some interest in the music industry, as evidenced by a recent concert poster she did for “Death Cab For Cutie,” seen after the jump along with the PITCO dolls which will be available at the show – The Peppermint Man, Seymoor Squidley, Salty Lips the Whale, and Baby Eggbert.  If you recall, some of these dolls were first available when we last saw a body of work from her during this year’s Armory Week in NY.

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