Adam Neate Via AM:UK S. Butterfly

Adam Neate Via AM:UK S. Butterfly

October is upon us and with it, an amazing array of shows – two in particular garnering the most press. The first is a show Adam Neate’s fans have been eagerly awaiting for over two years.  We had an opportunity to interview Neate recently and based on what we saw at the special preview night (full coverage to follow soon), he has definitely taken it to another level.

The other event we want to draw your attention to is the Beyond Eden New Contemporary Art Fair (just previewed) which is being held at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at the Barnsdall Art Park out on Hollywood Ave. When else have over a dozen of the hottest galleries in the new contemporary movement gotten together and combined forces to showcase some of the movement’s best and brightest in LA? Never that I can think of. Plans are already locked in and underway for next year’s follow up of this not-to-miss event

Check out all the other shows opening this weekend after the jump. Halloween is upon us, and with it, a bevy of dark and alluring shows to go with the flavor of the season.

LOS ANGELES (Home to the movement):

A multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles

Sat, October 10th Noon till 5PM – open for viewing
Sat, October 10th 8PM-Midnight – opening reception with cash bar provided by Bigfoot Lodge and tunes from DJ Mr.Numberonederful and tons of live painters & much more
Sun, October 11th Noon till 5PM – open for viewing with a special 2PM free screening of ‘Scribble.08’ by Murphy Fine Art Films

LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd.(near the Vermont intersection) in Los Angeles
For full details, check out

Fri, Oct. 9th 7-11PM
4210 Santa Monica Blvd (Sunset Junction area of Silver Lake) in Los Angeles / 323.913.3375
“Farewell Avery” featuring new works from Esao Andrews + “Mary In BronxZooLand” from Tony Philippou in our project room & “Tempo Momento” from Joshua Mays as part of our ‘Fresh Faces’ series
(On view through Oct. 30th)

Sat, Oct. 10th 7-11PM
Gallery Nucleus
210 E. Main St., Alhambra / 626.458.7482
“Creature Features: October Shadows” featuring works from Chet Zar, Travis Louie, Cam de Leon, William Stout, Dan Brereton, Gris Grimly and Jordu Schell
(On view through Nov. 2nd)

Sat, Oct. 10th 7-10PM
SCION Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave in Culver City / 310.815.8840
“Infinity” group show curated by Andrew Schoultz and featuring works from Butt Johnson, Xylor Jane, Richard Colman, Andreas Guerrero, N. Dash, Aaron Noble, Ryan Wallace, Joseph Hart, Ryan Travis Christian, Chris Natrop, Noah Davis, Andy Diaz Hope, Chris Duncan and more
(On view through Nov. 7th)

Sat, Oct. 10th 7-10PM
Billy Shire Fine Arts
5790 Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles / 323.297.0600
“Hubris” featuring new works from Frank Kozik
(On view through Nov. 7th)


Sat, Oct. 10th 3-5PM
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
29 West 20th Street, 9th Floor in New York City
Book-signing event with Todd Schorr for his new book “American Surreal”

Sat, Oct. 10th 7-10PM
White Walls Gallery
835 Larkin Street in San Francisco
“The Stencil Show” featuring works from Chris Stain, Adam 5100, Tes One, Ernesto Yerena, Casey Gray and David Soukup
(On view through Nov. 7th)

Sat, Oct. 10th 7-10PM
Shooting Gallery
839 Larkin Street in San Francisco
New works from KMNDZ
(On view through Nov. 7th)


Fri, Oct. 9th 6-10PM
Halogen Gallery
2316 2nd Avenue in Seattle, WA
New works from Kelly Vivanco
(On view through Nov. 6th)

Fri, Oct. 9th 6-9PM
Roq La Rue
2312 2nd Avenue in Seattle, WA
“Critters” featuring new works from Ana Bagayan + “Envirus” featuring new works from Ryan Heshka
(On view through Nov. 7th)

Sat, Oct. 10th 7PM
101 / Exhibit
101 NE 40th Street in Miami, FL
“Insomious” featuring new works from Jason Shawn Alexander
(On view through Nov. 14th)

Sat, Oct. 10th 6-11PM
Distinction Gallery
317 E. Grand Avenue in Escondido, CA
“Striptease” featuring new works from Molly Crabapple, Brian M. Viveros, N.C. Winters, Angelique Houtkamp and others
(On view through Dec. 5th)

Sat, Oct. 10th 7PM
The Toothless Cat Gallery
1050 N. Hancock Street, Suites 86/88 in Philadelphia, PA
“Workhardened” featuring new works from Paul Romano
(On view through Nov. 10th)


Fri, Oct. 9th 7-11PM
Show & Tell Gallery
1161 Dundas Street West in Toronto, ON
“Love, Strength & Soul” featuring new collaborative and solo works from Tim Okamura & TheKidBelo
(On view through Nov. 1st)

Photo via AM:UK S. Butterfly

Photo via AM:UK S. Butterfly


Fri, Oct. 9th
Elms Lesters
1-3-5 Flitcroft Street in London, WC2H 8DH
“A New Understanding” featuring new works from Adam Neate
(On view through Nov. 21st)

Sat, Oct. 10th 5-8PM
212 Kensington Park Road in Notting Hill, London W11 1NR
“Shock and Awe” featuring new works and prints from Joe Ledbetter (RSVP to [email protected])


Fri. Oct. 9th 7PM
Strychnin Gallery
Boxhagener Strasse 36 in Berlin, Germany
“Garden Of The Dispossessed” featuring new works from David Hochbaum
(On view through Nov. 8th)


Sun, Oct. 11th 2PM
Outre’ Gallery
249 Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, Australia
Book-signing and meet ‘n’ greet event with Jeff Soto and Tara McPherson

As always, please be sure to check out for a more in-depth look at additional events taking place in the Los Angeles new contemporary art scene.