We recently showed you a couple of preview images from the wonderful Lori Earley’s debut UK solo show, “Laments and Lullabies,” and the teaser images got our expectations rising high to see Lori’s work first hand. AM went along to the private view reception at the Opera Gallery to take a look for ourselves – check out our pictures after the jump.

Lori reportedly takes around a month to make each of her flawless oil paintings, after she sets up the scenario and photographs a model in her chosen pose. It’s clear to see the amount of time and finesse that goes into each piece – just try and find a brush stroke….

One of the highlights of the show for us was the stunning painting entitled “The Pinnacle.” At over 6 feet tall, it is Lori’s largest piece to date, and Lori told us that she worked on the piece for a full six months. So six feet, six months and also this painting propelled the artist into the six figure price bracket.

As gracious as she is beautiful, Lori was kind enough to sign a couple of the catalogues produced for the show for Arrested Motion readers. Just leave a comment on the show thread of the Artchival Forum before Wednesday morning UK time, and we will randomly select a couple of winners. The show runs until 14th November. Try and see it if you are in London.

Pics by Sven. For more pics, check out s.butterfly’s Flickr.
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