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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Openings: FrePrs @ Galeria Con Safos

On October 3rd, up and coming stencil artist FrePrs held his first solo at Galeria Con Safos in Santa Ana. We took notice of his bright and bold color combos which went great with his fresh and clean stencil techniques. FrePrs made sure there were plenty of mediums available for attendees to enjoy from canvas to prints. Judging from this impressive debut solo, we will be looking forward to seeing what he has planned for the future. See the opening night pics after the jump.

Video: “Destino” – Salvador Dali x Disney Collaboration

This is the first time we have seen the fabled “Destino” short film collaboration in full between Disney and Salvador Dali. Originally started in 1946, the project was benched because of financial reasons or whispers of the content being too extreme – who really knows what happened? Finally in 2003 (57 years later), a team of Disney animators finished what Dali started and the film made its way around some film festivals. It may have been released to the general public eventually, but we may […]

Elbow-Toe Etsy Store

Elbow-Toe (interviewed), whose recent work we featured recently, has opened up a webstore on Etsy. So far, he’s put up some hand-pulled silkscreens up for sale for a very reasonable $30 each (edition of 30). If you are thinking of buying some, hurry, as they are selling fast. See the other prints after the jump…

Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair takes place every October in Regent’s Park, London and this year, over 60,000 people step through the doors to take in all the art on display. There were signs of renewed confidence in the market as there appeared to be increased buying in the under $1 million range, but higher priced works still were not moving well. The good news for those who were only there to window shop last week was the fact that there was plenty of nice art to […]

Openings: Peru Ana Ana Peru “…And Then We Jumped Into the Abyss of Numbers” @ Brooklynite Gallery

AM was invited to Bed Stuy’s Brooklynite Gallery this weekend to witness Peru Ana Ana Peru putting the finishing touches on their gallery debut “…And Then We Jumped Into the Abyss of Numbers.” Up until now, the enigmatic duo have mostly been known for their cryptic eponymous tags found throughout Brooklyn. With this exhibition, however, PAAP show that their art goes beyond merely a puzzling name. It turns out that the pair are film-makers, who were enticed in recent years by New York’s street art […]

Streets: Aiko in China

Aiko was recently in Hong Kong participating in the CULTivate group show at the Diesel Planet store. Looks like she also took the opportunity to visit other parts of China as well. Here you can see a fan next to some of the street pieces she did in Shanghai. More images after the jump…

Releases: kozyndan – “Spring in Nakano” for Giant Robot Biennale 2 @ Japanese American National Museum

Famous for their panoramics, kozyndan created one just for the Giant Robot Biennalle (teased) opening next weekend at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM).  Entitled “Nakano in Spring,” the piece will be released as a print (limited to 1200) sized approximately at 39″ x 8,” each is signed and numbered.  Take a look at this nice 360 degree QuickTimeVR that they created of the image. Pics of the entire panoramic plus detailed views after the jump…

Video: Above – “Flying in the Wind”

ABOVE (interviewed) has put up another creative street piece, this time in Paris. We love how he mixed in some of his older work (the arrows) with his newer stuff.  Also, nice touch with continuing to add 3-dimensional elements to his stencils.  You can see more of his videos here. Discuss ABOVE here.

Openings: “Cutters” Collage Show @ Cinders

Friday night, AM was at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn to check out the opening of “Cutters,” an exciting group show of collage artists curated by James Gallagher. Gallagher, who is a collage artist himself, invited a diverse international selection of more than thirty participants, all of whom create their work by pasting, stapling, tying, sewing, gluing or otherwise assembling different images or items together, either manually or digitally. With so many multifaceted art works, the impact is visually overwhelming when first entering the gallery, but […]

Openings: Brendan Monroe @ Richard Heller Gallery

Brendan Monroe (interviewed) premiered a new body of work at Richard Heller Gallery over the weekend. In addition to some fantastic organic and biologically inspired paintings, he also delighted show attendees with several impressive installations. One of these was the constellation of hanging wood sculptures seen with Monroe above that were suspended from the high ceiling in the front room. Take a look at all the pics after the jump…