The unifying force to each and every Baby Tattooville “Secret Society” gathering is the collaborative art jam painting.  All artists who participate at the event put their brushes to the panel, but unlike the solitude they work with at their respective studios, they are able to feed off each other’s creativity, build upon their peers’ foundations, and revel in the camaraderie.  Unique styles are complemented, morphed, or transformed upon by others.

Fortunately for all those who were unable to witness the group painting in person (and even for those who attended BT that couldn’t stay around to watch it all), Sketch Theatre was on hand for virtually every second of it, capturing everything on camera.  You’ve seen the finished piece, now see how it evolved, starting from a blank slate.  Watch what is under those layers of colors and eclectic characters that are now hidden forever.  Learn what artists were there from the start and which ones preferred to jump in after getting a feel of it.  Then, watch the thrilling last few minutes as everyone frantically jockeys for space to finish their part of the completed masterpiece.

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