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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Video: Kehinde Wiley x PUMA x Africa x World Cup

While his former assistants Kevin Cyr and Jason Bryant opened their own show in NY, Kehinde Wiley was busy working with on a new World Cup project with PUMA in Africa. Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon, John Mensah of Ghana, and Emmanuel Eboué of Ivory Coast, three of Africa’s brightest soccer stars, sat down with Kehinde and posed for individual portraits as well as one all together symbolizing the unity of their continent. Take a look at the video documenting the project above as well as […]

Releases: Glenn Barr x Pressure Printing – “Evening” Print

Pressure Printing continues their line of stellar releases with this new print, “Evening”, from Glenn Barr (who has a show currently showing in Dallas). You may remember first seeing the original at the Riverside Art Museum in our Baby Tattooville coverage for 2008. The subtle brush strokes in Barr’s painting evoke a warmth and depth that definitely stood out to us that night and it seems that Pressure Printing has done a pretty good job replicating that in this release. The print (a 23″ x […]

Update: Jin Young Yu

It’s been a while since AM sat down for a chat with Korean artist Jin Young Yu so we thought we would update you with some of her new work since then. You may have had some glimpses of these pieces from our coverage of the London Art Fair and the Aqua Art Fair during Basel Week Miami, but you can see a full set of pics after the jump…

Video: Doze Green – “New Works” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

A video came out recently that walks through the Doze Green show (covered) that is currently showing at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Monotonous documentary lady voice notwithstanding, the video highlights the otherworldly and stylized work from the old school street artist, especially the vibrancy of his color pieces. Discuss Doze Green here. Via Vandalog.

Openings: Alex Prager – “Week-end” @ Yancey Richardson and M+B

Alex Prager’s third installment of her trilogy on Valley life, “Week-End” opens today, January 30th, in Los Angeles at M+B Gallery while the New York showing at Yancey Richardson will continue till the 20th of February.  Whereas her two previous shows, “Polyester” and “The Big Valley” respectively presented the glamor of vintage suburban life and it’s gradual deterioration, “Week-End” is a dark look into the lives of her subjects as their world finally unfurls.  In a style reminiscent of Cindy Sherman mixed with a color […]

Teaser: Sarah Joncas – “Shadow Play” @ Roq La Rue

Canadian artist Sarah Joncas will be opening a show next month (February 12th) in Seattle at the Roq La Rue Gallery. It sounds like her new body of work will deal with the idea of shadows, either imprinted onto the character or created by the character themselves and will be appropriately named “Shadow Play”. She will be showing alongside French artist Ciou – take a look at a show card after the jump…

Preview: Andres Guerrero @ Subliminal Projects

San Francisco based artist Andres Guerrero is set to open a new show at Subliminal Projects on February 6th. His art has been a boon for him to equate the personal emotions of losing loved ones in his life. While at first his skulls may seem morbid, on second glance, it also contains the duality of life and its fragile yet wondrous nature. Andres and SP has hooked us up with a few exclusive preview images of what’s to come. Check it out after the jump.

Video: David Ellis “Musical Trash” Installation

David Ellis must be one of the most versatile artists out there with his multifaceted approach to art. You may remember his work as a street artist in the impressive “graffiti-animation” video he did with Blu at the Fame Festival last year. Or perhaps you enjoyed his gallery work for New Image Art last summer? What stands out most for us recently though was the the huge trash sound installation we experienced that he created for the Anonymous Gallery booth at the SCOPE art fair […]

Indianapolis & New Orleans “Art” Superbowl Bet

With the Super Bowl coming up next weekend, per tradition, the mayors of the two participating teams’ cities will make a symbolic bet on the outcome of the game. It’s hard to imagine them topping what the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art are betting though. The IMA nd NOMA have agreed on a bet in which both are wagering a prized painting from their collection – the IMA is betting a J.M.W. Turner painting, “The Fifth Plague of Egypt”, […]

Openings: Stephanie Gutheil – “Kopftheater” @ Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss Gallery in Chlesea recently opened an interesting show by young German artist Stefanie Gutheil. The exhibition is entitled “Kopftheater”, which translates to “Theater of the mind” and is a fitting description of the strange and imaginative worlds portrayed in Gutheil’s paintings. The press release name-drops 15th and 16th-century Dutch painters Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel as influences, but we think that her creatures remind us a lot of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Take a look at the images and decide for yourself, after the […]