In 1944, the B17 Bomber “Sentimental Journey” rolled off the Douglas Aircraft Company’s California assembly line.  With it’s eight thousand pound payload capacity and thirteen .50 M2 Browning machine guns, the B17 aptly earned it’s nickname, “The Flying Fortress”.  The “Sentimental Journey” (whose nose proudly displays a picture of Betty Grable, World War Two’s most famous pin-up girl), the “Celestial Siren,” “South Sea Sinner,” and “Tempest Turner” are all subjects in Oakland artist Jesse Hazelip’s upcoming show at White Walls opening January 9th.

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“Sentimental Journey” is neither a celebration of classic pin up art nor the Greatest War.  In creating an amalgamation of World War Two era bombers and American Bison, Hazelip’s pointed commentary is a critique of American foreign and domestic policy, past and present.  “Sentimental Journey” runs till January 30th at White Walls Gallery.