We recently caught up with LUDO, a Parisian street artist we told you about last year, for an interview session to learn more about him and his work. We talked a little about his recent series of street pieces entitled “Nature’s Revenge,” his background and techniques, and some exciting news about his first solo show – all this and more after the jump…

Arrested Motion (AM): Can you tell us a little about yourself. We read on another interview that you started art school in Paris. Did you ever finish? Were there any other street artists that gave you tips or taught you the tricks of the trade?

Ludo: I didn’t finish art school actually. I studied in Paris for three years in sociology and then got so bored, i took an opportunity I was given to leave everything. I stopped in Milan where I found myself studying art and graphic design. Times were quite tough during this period so I was happy to find some freelance jobs which at the end gave me more satisfaction (and money) than keeping the student life.

About my “street activity,” I go out alone and learned how and where i want to put my works by myself.

AM: We love the “Nature’s Revenge” street pieces that you are predominantly known for. Can you explain the concepts and goals behind this series?

Ludo: Thank you… From the first flower I did, I stayed focused on this subject of a technological fauna. I’m really not an ecological/political extremist but blending nature and human technology as the basis of my work gives me the opportunity to leave pieces that, i hope, speak to people.

If I want to be boring, I will say that Nature’s Revenge is about relations with a nature that we totally disrespected and over-exploited and how our thought of having the control turns into disasters. It speaks about what surrounds us and affects us reason and tries to highlight some kind of humility.

AM: Tell us a little about your technique and the different mediums you use in your street art. It seems to be a mixture of several elements.

Ludo: For the paste up pieces, it depends of the size. But basically it’s a mix of silkscreen, a lot of acrylic, some pencils, scalpels and tape, and the help of a printer able to blow up small drawings. Also, I like to use objects I find in the street to customize and give them a new life as little installations or sculptures.

AM: Most of your recent work has a certain shade of green that imbues your pieces with a vibrancy and freshness. Is there a particular reason for this choice or it just looked good to you?

Ludo: Yeah, I simply liked the color and all its variations. Before, I was mixing primary blue and yellow to find the right color. Now, I use different types of acrylic with different pigments I find. I love to have my own colour (I.L.G, international ludo green….)

Also, I find interesting that some green starts to rise from our grey walls.

AM: We have seen your work in London, Italy and Paris of course. Any plans for visiting the United States?

Ludo: Definitely this year, I will fly to New York before or for the beginning of the summer. Also, I would love to take the opportunity to go to L.A. also. If I can, a short trip to London is also planned.

AM: What kind plans do you have for the rest of 2010? Any projects or shows you can share with us?

Ludo: There are some ideas of huge installations here in Paris, but nothing sure already, plus several other projects I would love to get started on, like a book. Also this year, I will have my first solo show in Paris in May and then a solo show in Newcastle in June at Electrik Sheep.

AM: Thanks for your time Ludo. We look forward to seeing more from you in the future.  Good luck on the rest of the year.

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