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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Anish Kapoor Designs London’s Olympic Tower

Every year we visit a major art fair like Art Basel, we notice certain artists always create buzzworthy pieces. One of those artists is Anish Kapoor, who is renown for creating impressive eye catching sculptures. Apparently we aren’t his only fans as Anish was just named the winner of the competition to design the new “Olympic Tower” for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London. The structure seems to be a mix of a roller coaster and the Eiffel Tower coming to life. The mind-blowing […]

Recommended openings for this coming weekend (April 1st – April 4th)

As spring kicks into gear this month, the shows are pouring forth like April showers. So many good shows, hard to single out just one, but some of those that are foremost on our radar include the big grand re-opening of the new and improved La Luz De Jesus Gallery out in the Silver Lake/Los Feliz area of Los Angeles where the recently shuttered BSFA in Culver City is getting folded back into the legendary La Luz space. So now there will be two nice […]

Sketchbook: Travis Louie

As we continue our series of sketchbook features, we move on to one of our favorite artists, Travis Louie (interviewed). Not only does Travis carry around a sketchbook full of his kick-ass sketches, he also has a journal where he writes the famous stories that go along with each of his paintings. Unbeknownst to most fans, the stories are written first and the paintings are based on ones he likes. Take a look some pics we took of his sketchbook after the jump.  You may […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey x Obey – Mural Call Out

You’ve seen the previews of Shepard Fairey’s coming May Day exhibition at Deitch, but do you know the drill? Shep has an exhibition and the host city gets a free urban beautification makeover courtesy of iconic murals from the Obey crew, much like the ones built in Boston, Venice, Austin, Pittsburgh, and DC. But, this time he’s doing a little homework and this is your chance to get in on some “audience participation.” The crew is putting a call out for mural sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn […]

Teaser: Damien Hirst – “Cornucopia” @ Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Damien Hirst is heading up the centenary celebration for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco with his latest “Cornucopia” exhibition. Much like his recent Gagosian Gallery show in NYC (covered), this installment will feature 60 works that span the major points of his illustrious career. From butterflies, medicinal cabinets, spot & spin paintings, and formaldehyde glass tanks, museum goers in the exclusive city of Monaco will be able to experience the brand of art only the YBA artist can produce. The show opens up April 2nd. Image […]

Videos: Yoshitomo Nara Lecture

Famed Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara and Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura (interviewed) were recently invited to participate in the Too Cute conference at Princeton University. It’s pretty rare to hear a talk from an artist such as Nara, especially translated. He touches on his childhood, his work with clay and sculpture, the composition of his paintings, among other things. Part II and Part III after the jump…

Preview: Gregory Euclide – “What Was Still in the Pause of My Advance” @ Merry Karnowsky

Opening on April 10th at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles will be Gregory Euclide’s new show “What Was Still in the Pause of My Advance”. We saw a fantastic piece from Euclide at the Grammy show earlier this year and can attest to the complex textural and sculptural components to this paintings. He definitely pushes the envelope in terms of blending 2D and 3D elements smoothly, even bulging out some of the “glass” that encloses some of his paintings to accommodate some of […]

Showing: Spector, Various & Gould – “Make It Fit” @ Brooklynite Gallery

Currently showing at the Brooklynite Gallery is “Make It Fit” (previewed), a show featuring Brooklyn-based artist Specter and the German duo of Various & Gould. We showed previously, a little of what Various & Gould were doing on the streets, but here is a look at the duo combining with Specter in taking over the gallery space with installations and standalone pieces. More pics after the jump…

Preview: Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters – “Living Between Worlds” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Husband and wife artist duo Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters (interviewed) are set to open their joint show this Friday night, April 2nd at Gallery 1988 in LA. When these two long time collaboraters are involved, expect paintings, sculptures, and some fabulous customs with their own signature imagery and characters. We are also excited to hear that they will be creating their largest installation to date! Some preview images after the jump.

Teaser: “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” Group Show @ Roq La Rue

Opening in May at the Roq La Rue Gallery will be a group show based around the theme of tigers, inspired by William Blake’s poem “The Tiger” (seen after the jump).  Also, with this being the year of the tiger, the show is quite timely and will be featuring work by Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie (interviewed), Lisa Petrucci, Isabel Samaras, Robert Burden, Jason D’Aquino, Nouar, Jim Blanchard, Angelique Houtcamp, Bob Dob, Anthony Ausgang, Anne Marie Manker, Yumiko Kayukawa, and more. See the […]