Portland artist Mark Warren Jacques (interviewed) will be returning to San Francisco soon and has released a video in conjunction with his visit. Entitled “Mind Visit”, the short film is an exploratory journey into both the mind and studio of the young artist as he diligently prepares for his part in the upcoming group show “New Territory” debuting next weekend at White Walls. Equally haunting and enlightening, “Mind Visit” is less of a welcoming insight than it is a seemingly drug induced and slightly voyeuristic peek past both ego and id as the viewer descends into the depths of Warren’s unconscious. With hints at a screenprinted edition as well as a look at some of Jacques’ signature hyper-detailed and geometric works, the video provides an intriguing preview of what to expect. “New Territory” opens April 3rd and features Henry Gunderson (interviewed), Akira, Cheryl Molnar, Robert Burden and Mark Warren Jacques.

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