Marco Zamora - "Re-Appropriated"

Last Thursday night, AM visited the Fecal Face Dot Gallery’s opening of their latest show – “The Fool”. Combining the talents of two LA artists, Marco Zamora and Derek Albeck, “The Fool” is a perfectly curated and highly cohesive exposition of two wonderfully cohesive styles. Utilizing muted subjects, bright splashes of color, and the occasional reflective surface, “The Fool” is an intriguing look at a variety of subjects, from society’s downtrodden to the viewer themselves.

Opening photos after the jump.

Derek Albeck - "Cry Later" - detail

Derek Albeck - "Cry Later" - detail

Marco Zamora - "Sunny Day" - detail

Derek Albeck - "Jerry, Jerry, My Brother's Sleeping With My Girlfriend - Jerry"

Marco Zamora - "Better Days"

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