Conor Harrington

Two artists from across the pond who are not strangers to Los Angeles – Conor Harrington (interviewed), who had a show with Chloe Early at Kinsey/DesForges last year, and Antony Micallef (interviewed), who had a pop-up show with Lazarides almost 3 years ago – unveiled their newest body of work to a thrilled opening night crowd at Eurotrash at the Lazarides LA gallery.

Of the four artists (also including Vhils & JR), who participated in the group exhibition, Micallef’s work stood out the most. Unlike the other artists, whose work fits more comfortably outside in a busy, crowded street, Micallef’s is best suited in your home, above the fireplace mantle. He’s also the most technically-gifted, demonstrating masterful use of the brush and charcoal. His pieces elicited long gazes and gasps of amazement.

Conor Harrington’s work was equally as impressive, while exploding with much more color and energy.  His paintings elicit a military style nostalgia, while at the same time looking contemporary. There seems to be action happening from all directions throughout his paintings.

Antony Micallef

More photos of work by the two artists from the show after the jump…

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