We brought you a few teaser pics of Matt Haber’s “The Little Voyageurs” coming together at The Bldg in Covington, Kentucky a week or so ago, and since Matt got home to Brooklyn, he sent us some flicks of the work from the show. This exhibition is the largest collection of work that Haber has shown to date, and his first solo since 2005, so we had been waiting a long time to see what Matt would bring with this body of work.

AM loves Haber’s muted, yet wonderfully rich color palette he uses throughout his work, and his use of multiple panels of differing sizes as his canvases gives his pieces a cool twist. Nudes, masks, and hooded characters combine with vintage vehicles, bikes and flying machines to tease a synthesis of Victorian and Eastern European vibes within some of the work, a reminder of the illustrations of story books of a bygone era, whilst other pieces bring to mind a mid-century aesthetic filled with 50’s longboards and swimwear. Each and every story Haber constructs in each of his narrative heavy pieces can lead you to ponder just how the characters came to be in the situation and setting in which they are depicted. We like some good old storytelling, and we like the way Matt Haber tells ‘em.

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