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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Showing: Aurel Schmidt – “Summer Bummer” @ The Fireplace Project

Opening last weekend at the Fireplace Project was Aurel Schmidt’s newest solo show  – “Summer Bummer”. The New York artist, socialite, and one of this year’s Whitney Biennialists, produced a lovely new collection of intricate drawings built from what others consider trash or detritus – her signature twist. For this more simple body of work, themes of flowers and butterflies are prevalent – perfect for a little summer show in the Hamptons. More images after the jump…

Streets: Banksy in Hastings?

A “Tesco Sand Castle” piece recently showed up that has strong possibilities as the newest Banksy piece in Hastings, a town on the coast of East Sussex in England. First off, the child shows some similarities to the postcard included with the limited edition “Exit Through The Gift Shop” DVD set. Second of all, some notables were in the area recently to celebrate Eine’s 40th birthday, so the timing seems to fit. Via the The Banksy Forum. Discuss Banksy here.

Preview: Teresa Duck @ Summer Group Exhibition / Opus Art

Teresa Duck’s paintings grabbed our attention earlier this year when we saw her works at Opus Art’s “Fresh Cream 2” group show, and we just had sight of some of her latest pieces that will be shown at Opus’ Summer Group Exhibition – the first at their new central Newcastle location. Teresa’s series of surrealist figurative works focus on anatomical compositions – with a nod to victorian medical textbooks, metaphysics and alchemy, with some fantastic details and quirks to these small, vibrant oil paintings. The […]

Inside the Mark Warren Jacques & Seth Neefus “Free Life Center”

If you remember, we told you about the Free Life Center a while back, a project dreamed up by Mark Warren Jacques (interviewed) & Seth Neefus. Well, the traveling art structure has been thru Canada and much of the States and has arrived at it’s final destination – San Francisco at Needles + Pens. Take a look some great pics from My Love For You or stop by yourself to check it out before August 31st.

Teaser: Brian Viveros – “Dirtyland” @ Thinkspace

Wow! Looks like Brian Viveros is raising an army of chain-smoking ladies for his upcoming solo at Thinkspace Gallery in October. The new body of work entitled “Dirtyland” will feature what Viveros does best – beautiful and rugged women smoking, carrying weapons, all mascaraed up and ready to do battle. More teaser shots after the jump…

Preview/Set Up: Yoshitomo Nara & YNG @ Park Avenue Armory for Asia Society Retrospective

AM stopped by the opening of Yoshitomo Nara & design firm graf/YNG’s “Open Studio” at the Park Avenue Armory. Using the massive Armory venue as a central staging ground, the YNG crew hit the ground running; creating a modular structure/installation designed to be carted up Park Ave in the upcoming week for the retrospective opening September 9th at the Asia Society. There, Nara will exhibit over 50 works to go along with the always impressive installations that accompany the immersive shows. Occupying the other half of the Armory space, Nara has a […]

Teaser: KAWS – “Passing Through” @ Harbour City (Hong Kong)

It looks like Kaws has some “big” things planned for Asia this October. Take a look at this huge sculpture he’s working on for the “Passing Through” exhibition at Harbour City, one of the biggest shopping venues in Hong Kong. The hand positioning is reminiscent of the collaboration he did with Yue Minjun back in 2008. Discuss KAWS here.

You can also see the T wave invertion

You can also see the T wave invertion is much deeper. This is a good sign of reperfusion. (blood flow returning to the damaged area.)24 hours later, the ST segment may have returned to the iso electric line. He didn’t so he shot him. I would have been (the next victim). I was the only person standing right in front of him.”. cheap jerseys Both of Stonewall’s co chairs and another member of the group’s board of directors could be unseated in an election Tuesday. […]

where Jimmy is at since we have Freddy Galvis

27, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn. (Source: AP/Mark Zaleski)(RNN) Not even NFL Supreme Leader of the First Order Roger Goodell dares to mess with the power of the Coin.The Coin, once wielded by a league official, holds tremendous sway in determining a winner. With the right guess of heads or tails, a team can select the ball first in overtime and grab its destiny by the proverbial horns.Direct Message to Bill Belichick of the Week: A team can select the ball first in OT and grab […]

Teaser: Edwin Ushiro – “Preceding Sunday” @ Roq La Rue

Representing the 808, Edwin Ushiro brings his lush paintings infused with island imagery to the Roq La Rue Gallery on September 10th. “Preceding Sunday” will be a collection of works from the Hawaiian native filled with nostalgic elements from his childhood, all created with his unique technique giving his paintings a ethereal and almost glowing effect like the piece above – “All Signals Configuring to a Position Seeping from Words Either Unspoken or Intangible”. A little more after the jump…