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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Teaser: Dave Kinsey – “New Works” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Dave Kinsey will be making his return to New York City next month with a new body of works at the Joshua Liner Gallery. It’s one that we’ve been looking forward to as his style has evolved into something that’s even more hypnotic and symbolic than we’ve been used to. The show opens September 9th (6-9pm) with Dave and a few special friends in attendance. (Note the new time as Joshua Liner Gallery will now be holding their openings on Thursday nights.) We’ll have more […]

Teaser: Nick Walker – “In Gods We Trust” @ Art Sensus

Nick Walker (interviewed) will return to his home country of the UK to unveil a new exhibition “In Gods We Trust”. His latest solo since his sold-out exhibition at Black Rat Press (covered) will deal with the theme that explores the turbulent religious and political landscapes that surround us today. The exhibition opens in London’s Art Sensus Gallery October 13th. When Nick visited NYC he showed us a brief preview of his studio (via iphone) with in-progress works of this coming show. Check out a close […]

Videos: Andy Warhol x Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon, which was known as Andy Warhol’s drink of choice while he partied at Studio 54, has commissioned bottles with Warhol-inspired designs. For those who can’t wait for the 2002 vintage champagne to be available October 15 at wine retailers, here is some video footage for your consumption. Discuss Andy Warhol here.

Teaser: Chris Berens @ Roq La Rue

Chris Berens will be making a return to Seattle at the Roq La Rue gallery after a successful showing there over a year ago. This time around, the Dutch painter know for his soft focus dream-like paintings, will be bringing a more nature-themed body of work as opposed to the cityscapes that dominated his last show in New York. Another image after the jump…

Highlights: Recommended Openings for Aug 26 – 28

The dog days of August come to an end this week as the art machine prepares to kick back into full gear come next week with the official start of the fall art season. As for this weekend, the big event would have to be Cannibal Flower’s big 10 Year Anniversary Show this Saturday in downtown Los Angeles. Cannibal Flower has been going strong for a decade helping to provide that launching point for emerging artists. The list of artists that have passed through Cannibal […]

Preview: “3+1” @ Galerie du Jour – agnès b

Known best for his acclaimed work as an author and film-maker, including writing Kids and directing Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy, Harmony Korine is also well-regarded as an artist and photographer. On September 9th, he opens an exhibition with works alongside Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow at agnès b.’s Galerie du Jour in Paris. This time, Korine unveils mixed-media paintings, while it looks like photographs by McGinley and Snow will be shown. It is an important step in Korine’s artistic career, as his artwork will be […]

Teaser / Releases: Shepard Fairey @ Subliminal Projects

Something next month that has been kinda creeping up on everyone is Shepard Fairey’s show at Subliminal Projects. You can be sure we’ll have something more about the exhibition in a little bit but first, we wanted to share with you that Modern Multiples has been working hard helping Shep get ready – including starting production on the new “Dark Wave” edition. More images after the jump…

Eli Broad to Build Museum in Downtown LA

Eli Broad, who is arguably known as the most powerful man in Los Angeles, revealed this week where he will build his museum, which will house the spectacular Broad Collection. The highly-anticipated location was speculated for years to be decided between Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Downtown Los Angeles. In the end, Downtown LA wins out and will be the site where Broad’s world-class contemporary art collection will reside. It will be situated right by Disney Hall and will be in close proximity to The […]

Openings: Kevin Tong – “Mechanical Dreams” @ Phonebooth Gallery

Last weekend saw the debut of Long Beach’s Phonebooth Gallery. A longtime internet presence with a devout following, PBG appears to have made the next step in their growth with a new brick and mortar space. For their inaugural show, Garry Booth brought on Kevin Tong, one of the new breed of designer/print makers that we’ve had our eye on for a while… Following the recent sneak peek of Tong’s latest on Hi-Fructose, AM is proud to present some exclusive opening night photos. Check out […]

Preview: “Lowbrow Tarot Project” @ La Luz de Jesus

We just wanted to let you know about an interesting project on display this October at La Luz de Jesus – the Lowbrow Tarot Project curated by Aunia Kahn. She has invited 22 other great artists including Kris Kuksi, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar, Laurie Lipton, Brian Viveros, Scott G. Brooks, and Jennybird Alcantara to create artwork inspired by the 22 major Arcana of tarot cards, each representing an aspect of human emotion. The multidisciplinary show opens on October 9th and will feature a book and […]